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What are the benefits of Discord?

Custom Emojis.
Target Younger Generations.
Moderation Functions.

Who is discords target audience?

The app is primarily targeting adults and gamers.

How brands are using Discord?

Even so, businesses (paywall) are making use of the app.

Is Discord better than Facebook?

Discord is a superior platform for gaming, and marketing.

Is Discord good for business use?

Companies don’t really have any assurances that their data, messages, and files will stick around. Discord’s terms of service allow the platform to remove your account and delete your data at any time.

Why Fansoria?

We are legit providers of services regarding discord marketing.

Do we use bots?

No. All our services are real profiles and organic users.

Who uses Discord the most?

The country responsible for the most Discord traffic is the US.

Who Should use Discord marketing?

Any brand or business wants to get exposure.

Is it safe to buy Discord marketing services?

Yes. Its completely safe as all our services are legit and real users.

How is Discord profitable?

Discord makes money from its Nitro subscription packages.

Do you need my passwords?

We do not need your passwords but just the username.

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Discord Marketing

“Discord is a powerful tool for community management. Here’s what sets it apart from other chat apps and where it may fit in your marketing strategy.”


Discord is a community-driven voice-over IP (VoIP) software available on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. It’s a popular chat app with text, video and voice calling capabilities.

However, Discord stands out from its competitors (other VoIP software such as Skype) since it allows users to easily create and host their very own servers for free. These servers allow users to chat and have the option to be both public or private, meaning that only users specifically invited (with unique invite URLs) can access private Discord servers.

If your business is in the public eye or if you want to push brand awareness and receive community feedback, then public servers are the ideal choice for marketing your brand. However, if you have a close-knit community, then you may want to consider hosting private servers.

Here are a few unique features that you can leverage to create multi-dimensional online communities built on Discord and boost business growth:

    • AI-Powered Bots:

Discord bots are the most useful features that you can use to perform a wide range of automated tasks on the server. For instance, you can use the MEE6 bot to welcome new members to the server or assign them roles. These AI-fueled bots enable you to easily personalize experience, moderate communications between members, and ban people who don’t abide by the rules and guidelines of your community.

    • Personalized Welcome Screens:

Using the Discord community server, you can set up personalized welcome screens in order to create a great onboarding experience and introduce users to what your community is all about. This helps your visitors to easily navigate through your channels without feeling lost.

    • Announcement Channels:

Unlike your traditional text channel, Announcement Channels allow you to show your messages beyond your server. The “Follow” button enables server members to integrate the channel with their own personal servers.

    • Community Discovery:

Setting up your community directly on Discord’s server discovery enables you to make it more visible to your target audience and customers. You no longer have to advertise about your community on different platforms to attract users.

What Are Discord Servers for Discord Marketing?

Discord servers work the same as an online chat room (but with both text and voice channel support). You can invite friends to join your private Discord server or open your server up to the public for anyone to join.

Inside your server, you can create individual voice and text channels to categorize different conversations. For example, your server could be named after a particular video game if you’re running that video game community. Within the server, you’d have a channel to discuss multiplayer tactics within that game and a separate channel to discuss general news on the game. You’d also have voice channels set up for actual games taking place. Social media is often cited as the preferred avenue to reach online customers, but messaging apps like Discord have 20 percent more monthly active users than social media.

Discord is free, secure, and has apps for both desktop and mobile operating systems. Both private and public servers are able to be created, and there’s no limit in how many servers you can run. Moreover, many startups are quickly learning Discord can replace Slack, Skype, and other business collaboration tools.

Learn About Discord Marketing

If you want to learn how to do Discord marketing, then this guide is for you. Let’s start.

You can choose who to add in Discord

Discord has a ton of personalization options. It looks and feels a lot like Slack, so if you’re already familiar with that app, you should have no problem navigating Discord marketing.

One of the best features of Discord is you can control who is in your group, much like a Facebook Group. However, Discord offers even more customization of how to label members than Facebook. Roles can be assigned to every member, and access to different channels within your server can be granted or denied based on roles (more on this in the next section).

Group members can be added through personal invites sent via text/email or through clickable links on your website and social media pages. How you decide to control the group is up to you, as is who you invite. Discord is a much more private setting than platforms like Twitter, so you can target messages to different groups however you want.

Create moderators and tiered groups

Unlike groups on Facebook, Telegram, and other social media platforms, you’re not limited to just one Discord group within your server. Several text and voice channels can be set up, and you control access using assigned roles (which you can see on the right side of the screenshot above).

Owners, admins, moderators, and members will all have different access levels to different chat groups. This lets you plan with the team on one channel while engaging with customers on another. Refining even further, you can create special groups for highly active members or even niche channels for different departments, i.e., a technical support group and one for Discord marketing. These tiers and member levels make organizing and communicating across multiple channels seamlessly. It’s the foundation of how to build a community on Discord.

Crypto companies use Discord well

If you’re unsure how to market on Discord, follow a cryptocurrency like Vertcoin. Because major tech giants like Facebook and Twitter ban ICO ads, crypto companies pioneered many alternative social channels like Telegram and Discord.

The sector turned that ban into an advantage and already have a head start on Discord marketing. They’re great examples of how to build a community on Discord. Users are vetted and rewarded with inside information about upcoming events and real-time progress reports. They also get rewards like other exclusive offers including airdrops and token sales.

Build a moderated community

Apart from internal communications, you can create a Discord server as a moderated social discussion platform. Create different channels depending on what your target audience might like to discuss. And let them bond together. Create a text channel to discuss books, movies or adventures, whatever seems relevant to your business and target audience. You can even start a voice/video channel if needed. And as your community grows, the popularity of your business will spread too. Word-of-mouth Marketing is still powerful.

Great place to promote real values and exclusive sales

It’s important to understand Discord users will be smart consumers. Don’t waste their time with the type of half-baked marketing schemes that litter social channels like Facebook and Twitter. Discord marketing means to give community members real value.

One way to build an engaged community on Discord is to provide exclusive sales only to community members. Even Discord does this with its partner program. There’s no better lead to follow on how to market and capitalize on the Discord community than from the company itself. Try announcing the launch of your new Discord channel by giving away prizes or special discounts to the first 1000 members. This is a great way to spark interest and create an active community from the ground up.

Discord is like an algorithm-free feed

Discord is, basically, a chat messenger. And its feed is independent of any algorithm. So, whether to announce an update, launch a product or send an event invite, drop it in the dedicated channel. Discord lists each message chronologically. And no one will lose a company announcement.

Great place for Customer Service

67 percent of consumers now use social media platforms to seek resolution for issues, and these customers spend 20-40 percent more with companies that engage with them on these platforms.

Discord is a much better platform for providing customer service because you can easily have private conversations with members. Simply click the member’s name, and send messages directly to him or her.

Using Discord Marketing to resolve customer issues fosters a community environment that will keep bringing customers back. It’s one of the most effective ways to engage with current or prospective customers.

Fans can create groups

If you already built a brand, there’s a good chance your brand advocates already built a Discord community around it. Many popular brands have fandoms, and these fandoms create groups outside of official channels. Involving yourself with these fan-made groups can really increase your cool factor, especially with younger generations.

Brands that don’t already have fan-made groups should get started on building a new community from scratch. Don’t be afraid to fake it till you make it, either. Reddit is one of the most popular online forums today, but when it started, the founders used tons of fake accounts to simulate engagement and ensure newcomers didn’t enter a ghost town.

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