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It offers cutting-edge video shooting and editing tools, with more than 2,000 special effects available.

How can you gain attention in Likee?

Use Hashtags as much as possible. And buy our Likee marketing services.

Is Likee a social media app?

The Likee App is really just social media.

How do I make my Likee account public?

There is no way to make your account private.

Who uses Likee & TikTok?

The app is best for older teens and young adult.

Is Likee better than TikTok?

They are both the same in terms of use but one is more advanced.

Is Likee from China?

Likee (formerly LIKE) is a short-video creation and sharing app, available for iOS and Android operating systems. It is owned by Singaporean tech firm BIGO Technology.

What is the use of Likee app?

Likee is a short video creation platform where users can be creative, share videos, add music, and use filters. 

Is Likee app safe for kids?
As having excellent features and cool filters, there is something that parents should be aware of this app.

The app has no age restriction option when signing up, which means the app can show adult content to the children.

Are these views, likes lifetime or will drop after some time?

Yes our all views are lifetime and with lifetime guarantee.

Do we use bots?

No. All our services are real and organic.

Can I cancel my order or change video url after submitting order?

Once its placed, it can not be cancelled.

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Likee Marketing

A person who lives without social media. Who is he/she? Today in the world, there are many applications, and social media are no exception. Today, the average person spends 50 to 90 minutes on social media apps. Scrolling the news feed has become so common for many that many do it unconsciously. In turn, social media platforms do everything possible to ensure that users stay in the application as long as possible. To make this possible, it is imperative to take into account the specifics of the audience and that also falls in Likee Marketing.

Today we want to talk about an application like Likee. In just three years, this social media has won millions of fans around the world. So what is its peculiarity? What makes it so unique? But before answering these questions, let’s look it closer at what kind of application it is.

What is Likee?

It is a social media app where users exchange short videos that they have created. Users can add music to their videos from the app’s extensive music library and stickers, and various effects. The filmed videos appear in the feed, after which other users can comment on them, rate them with the help of likes, and even shoot their video reactions in response. And like many different applications, there is the possibility of conducting live broadcasts.

As you may have noticed from the functionality and content format, this platform has common characteristics with TikTok, but there are several significant differences. The creators explain the program’s incredible success by choosing the target audience and constant interaction with it. Let’s take a look at which audience this application is most popular among.

According to statistics from the app itself, Likee has 150 million users worldwide, who create about 5 million videos daily. Even though the app is intended for 16+ users, approximately 80% of users are between 12 and 22. Likee is distributed in more than 200 countries, particularly in India, America, Brazil, and Eastern Europe. It has an audience of more than 8 million users, 46% of them actively publish their videos. In addition to ordinary users’ accounts, you can find world stars and brands that also post short creative videos to support the youth direction and attract the target audience.

What are beans and diamonds on Likee?

Beans are Likee coin monetizing content. Creators can collect and withdraw beans with a monetary value. On the other hand, the creators can use real money to buy diamonds and it can be given as a gift to the creators they love.

Users can also earn diamonds by liking and sharing content and completing different levels on Likee app. Diamonds are turned into beans when they are gifted to creators.

Ways to make money on Likee

There are different ways creators can earn via Likee. Here are how you can earn money from the app.

Rewards Program

Likee app promotes users to gain popularity through their videos and earn beans from them. The rewards program allows users to earn money based on the number of views creators get for each video.

To boost users’ popularity, Likee also has Likee Creator, which provides professional training for users wanting to target more followers on the app.

Earning through crowns

Likee pays real money to the official creators of the app. Once the content gains high traction after following Likee’s guidelines, the creator earns crowns.

The three crowns include:

K1 crowns creators earn about $400 or more.

K2 Crowns creators earn about $200 per month.

K3 crowns that pay creators around $50.

Sponsorship and promotional payment

Brands engage with creators with higher number of followers and views in order to promote their brands and products. Sponsorship offers are also high among the official active creators of the app.

Consistent interactions and promotions are expected from viewers from the content creators who are hired to provide sponsorships and promotions.

Live broadcast and participate in challenges

Likee creators are allowed to broadcast live videos for at least 30 minutes once they have more followers. Users can gift creators purchased diamonds that are converted into swipe beans.

Content creators take on challenges which helps them gain more followers and “diamonds” than other users of the app.

Make money from GoLive

Likely creators who have completed level 35 may use the Live feature only in order to collect gifts from their viewers. Diamonds (gifts) are given to creators who complete certain challenges in a live broadcast.

Increase content visibility through the hashtag

The hashtag appears in the description of videos posted on Likee. To target a niche audience, hashtags provide viewers with relevant content when browsing the app.

Why is Likee so popular?

The main advantage of the service is the 4D Magic function, which immediately won users’ hearts. There are no analogs of this option in any alternative application yet. Likee app can be called a full-fledged video editor, as users have the opportunity to use it to create high-quality videos using artificial intelligence and augmented reality. It is worth to pay tribute to the developers of this application since almost monthly updates are released to the application due to which users receive new functions.

Another feature that attracts millions of users every day is gamification. Like the Bigo Live app, the Likee app contains game elements where users compete for popularity, earn points, compete in challenges, and play to get others’ attention with their video or seek contact with famous bloggers.

Likee’s features

The application has five sections with functions: “Stickers,” “Music Magic,” “Dialogue Game,” “4D Magic,” and “Super Power.” When shooting, you can choose the recording speed and beauty filters, which will make the skin clearer and the eyes more prominent.


Here are various masks and animations that you can add to your videos, such as multiple accessories or faces of superheroes and other pop culture characters. There are more than 180 of them here.

The magic of music

In this mode, you can choose from several styles. Moreover, the Presets contain a sound fragment and a script with special effects, filters, and other post-processing capabilities. Due to the accompanying effectively, the user may not perform any particular actions in the frame, but as a result, get a reasonably dynamic video.

A game with dialogue

This section allows you to shoot a video using a specific sound fragment, for example, singing a song from your favorite cartoon. The track library contains thousands of tracks for every taste.

4D Magic and Super Power

These modes combine special effects that recognize body position during shooting and can separate from the background. There are many options to create a handy video. These functions allow you to add an epic appearance or disappearance to the video, replace the background, or make yourself an image of the master of the elements.

As in other social media apps, in addition to filming a video, it is possible to add a finished video from the device’s gallery. But it should be borne in mind that most of the functions, in this case, will not be available to users, except for the selection of a filter or animation.

How does buying likes, shares, views work on Likee Marketing?

But how does this effect work? In Likee Marketing a lot depends on the number of likes and followers. Not only possible advertising partners, but also new fans orientate themselves by your followers. If you can already offer more followers in this respect, the purchase on your site or following your profiles is much more likely. In combination with high-quality content, it will be even easier to convince customers of comprehensive quality and to choose the right products.

This way you already can increase your reach significantly with one purchase and to appear more interesting for new fans. With us you have countless options to improve your Likee marketing and increase the value of your profiles. So, in this way more Likes and followers on Likee will quickly become more successful for you and your profiles.

What are the possibilities for your Marketing for Likee ?

Here at Fansoria, you will find a wide range of packages for your Likee Marketing. This way you can choose exactly the right elements that will help you to advance yourself and your success. But what exactly are our offers for your Likee Marketing?

Likee Followers

Followers are a good way to increase the overall reach of your content. Most of the time, the first glance of new prospects is on the number of your Likee followers, which is why you quickly stand out from the crowd by buying new followers.

Likee Likes

Likes are a great way to increase the popularity of your posts. Moreover, the more Likes you have, the faster you will be shown to new users. This opens many new options for your Likee Marketing.

Likee Comments

Comments enrich the conversation under each new post. This also contributes to a higher visibility, so you can be found faster. In addition, your growth will quickly appear more organic if there are comments among your videos.

Likee Views

The more often your posts are seen, the greater your chances of success, so Likee Views are a good investment to make sure you no longer lag behind the competition. With us you can always expect a large selection.

The perfect mix for your range of Marketing for Likee

Usually it makes sense to buy different packages. This makes it much easier for you to keep your profile serious and clear without spending time. A quick increase of your followers without an adjustment of your likes can be confusing for some users. So, to get the clarity you need right from the start, you can improve your range with little effort.

If you want to test a single package first, you do not have to worry about it. Due to the impact on your organic ranking you will also receive new Likes within a short time, for example if you buy a package with our followers. However, this may take some time depending on the size of your package.

However, for the optimization around your Likee Marketing it is always a good choice to choose one of the packages and quickly convince new users. With our site you can expect the optimal composition on this basis. So, you can easily gain new fans quickly and increase your reach step by step.

Our contribution to your growth of Likee Marketing

Together with us, you no longer have to wait any longer for this reason. Moreover, we support you quickly and easily to reach more users with your content and expand the range of your contributions. With a variety of packages, it is easy to make a difference in Likee Marketing.

For the small start as well as for the big purchase to get you started, we offer you exactly the right options, so that the design of your content need not be difficult. So, after many years of development, we know how important many followers and likes are for your Likee Marketing. So, you have it in your own hands to benefit from our offers and ensure a successful implementation.

Therefore, do not miss your chances, but invest in your future. The same applies to YouTube and TikTok, of course, for which we provide you with numerous offers. Here at Fansoria we are therefore your partner for marketing on Likee.

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