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What is the benefit of SoundCloud?

SoundCloud basic allows you to upload three hours of audio content and access to stats like the number of track plays and likes.

Is SoundCloud good for promotion?

SoundCloud is one of the largest music streaming platforms in the world, and getting your music or beats promoted on there can help kick start your success in your professional career.

Is SoundCloud good for producers?

Soundcloud is a great platform for artists of all kinds, but it is especially fertile ground for producers.

How much does SoundCloud pay for 1000 streams?
It pays.

$0.0025 to $0.004 per stream.

How long does it take for SoundCloud to pay you?

SoundCloud to pay you?
When and how often will I get paid? While we will try our best to pay you much faster, generally you will receive your first payment within 45 days after the end of the reporting period.

Does this service put my account at risk?

We will never put your account in danger. We ensure all our policies comply with SoundCLoud, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Tiktok’s policies and our views, followers, comments and likes are real and active, meaning everything is real and organic

What happens when you buy followers and likes from us?

Your account and post get instant kick-start, which takes them ahead of your peers and competition.

How many followers do you need to make money on SoundCloud?

There is a requirement of 1000+ profile followers for the profile monetization service.

How do I go viral on SoundCloud?

To become a viral hit, you’ll need to cater your content and profile to current trends, develop a loyal fanbase.

Where are the followers, views, likes and comments coming from?
From Real Accounts.

You will get followers, views, likes and comments from the location of your country. (the one from where you place your order).

Do we use bots?

Absolutely not! When you buy views, followers or likes with Fansoria, you get engagement from real and active users and accounts.

Can others tell that I bought plays, followers, likes and all?
No, of course not!

These plays, followers, comments or likes, are like any other like because we only deliver them in a natural manner.

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Best Packages

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“Did you know that SoundCloud reaches 175 million people every month?”

Soundcloud was founded in 2007 and it is one of the biggest music streaming websites today. It is home to more than 75 million monthly users, many of which use it for uploading their own music.

Let’s say you’ve got your marketing schedule for the year polished and ready to go… Kudos! Now, I assume there are some times in your schedule where you’ll be touring, doing local shows, recording music etc., where you aren’t actively releasing anything new. So, how can you keep your fans engaged during that time? SoundCloud is one of the easiest marketing tools out there for independent musicians on a budget.

What is SoundCloud?

If you haven’t considered using viral SoundCloud promotion for your music yet, you probably should. With 175 million global users, SoundCloud is the largest music and audio platform in the world.

Artists can upload their original music and share it with SoundCloud’s ever-growing user base. Music and audio creators both share and monetize their content globally, in addition to receiving detailed stats and feedback from the SoundCloud community.

Users have the ability to share music, promote SoundCloud songs, and connect directly with artists, as well as discover breakthrough tracks, raw demos, and podcasts.

Importance of SoundCloud Marketing

SoundCloud, Spotify and some of the other music platforms are great for uploading as well as promoting your music to get it played in different corners of the world. So, SoundCloud allows you to share your tunes and songs in an arranged manner, and it also allows you to create your own personalized profile as well as a playlist. If you are regular with your songs, podcasts, etc., then your SoundCloud profile along with your specific genre, will definitely show up at the top of Google Search Engine and let people play it directly in one click from the Google’s feed.

Over SoundCloud, you can even buy a premium account that will allow the users to download more songs from your account, and you also get a lot of other premium features that help you in spreading your tunes and get more and more plays on it!

The premium feature not only allows your users to listen to your music offline, without any advertisements, but it also allows you to analyze the engagement of your users. Very easily, you can check and look at the graphs of engagement, which are provided by SoundCloud! With the help of that feature, you will be able to produce more content, which is liked by the people.

How Does The Soundcloud Algorithm Work?

While we imagine it’s nowhere near as complicated as a platform such as YouTube’s, Soundcloud does use an internal algorithm to help determine the popularity of tracks and also make the results to users queries more relevant.

There’s no clear guidelines given by Soundcloud on how it ranks songs but there are snippets from around the web where we can see mentions of the ‘Disco rank’ algorithm. From our (basic) understanding of how this works it seems to share a lot of similarities with Google’s page rank algorithm.

SoundCloud also provides options for sharing the link of your content over other social media handles of your business! As a music composer or director, you may have opened handles over all the famous social media platforms, in order to scale up. And these links will inform a lot of people and all your followers to listen to your songs, by reaching out to your SoundCloud profile. More visitors mean more plays and other social signals which are able to rise your titles in charts.

SoundCloud Marketing Tactics

Cross promotion

Not only does cross promotion on other platforms help in terms of the disco rank algorithm mentioned above, it’s also a great way of increasing plays and maximizing exposure.

Use your other social media networks to promote your track and encourage your followers to like and repost. If you have your own website you can also consider embedding the SoundCloud widget to provide links back to your tracks.

Soundcloud Repost chains

A lot of channels will partake in a process of ‘repost trades’ or ‘repost chains’ in order to increase exposure. This only tends to happen between channels with similar follower numbers, so don’t expect to be able to negotiate a repost trade with a channel that has 100k followers if you only have 1000.

First on SoundCloud

While the ‘First on SoundCloud’ project does heavily focus on the featured artists, everyone can be considered for inclusion in this list. To quote directly from SoundCloud:

“First On SoundCloud” playlist: Creators uploading their latest tracks with the tag #SCFIRST will be considered for inclusion in the “First On SoundCloud” playlist on the homescreen, giving them global exposure to new fans, plays, likes and follows.

In addition to this, SoundCloud will also be looking for tracks that shared on twitter using this hashtag and randomly selecting ones to promote.

Consider offering free downloads

Offering free downloads of your tracks can make your music more shareable and increase exposure, however, this can be a double edged sword.

Giving your track away means that it can be listened to and shared outside of the Soundcloud platform, and none of these listens or views will contribute to your presence.

Remix competitions

Entering remix competitions is a great way to build exposure as an artist. There’s plenty of examples of artists who have used remixes as a way to build an audience.

Keep an eye out for remixes in your genre and give them a shot. Also take a look at SoundCloud’s best practices for remix competitions.

Use the links in your Soundcloud profile

In the same way you want to use your other social media profiles to promote your SoundCloud one, you want to use the links on your profile to point to other platforms people can follow you on.

Your loyal fans are going to want to be able to keep up to date with you across multiple platforms, so make it easy for them.

Look at the analytics

Keep an eye on your stats to understand your audience – take a look at your stats page to see how your tracks performs in terms of Soundcloud plays, likes, reposts and comments.

If you’re a Pro user you also get access to Pro Stats which provides you with deeper insight into where your plays are coming from as well as details on which 3rd party apps are playing your tracks. These insight can be especially useful when it comes to finding blogs or influencers who have been promoting your tracks.

Spotlight on the paid plan

If you’re a Pro user you also have access to a feature called spotlight, which allows you to pin tracks to the top of your profile.

This is especially useful if you like to repost a lot of tracks from other artists and don’t necessarily want these tracks to be the first thing users see when they visit your profile.

Get Involved – Comment, follow, interact

It’s rare that an artist makes it on their own. Success is usually a combination of factors – and networking is a major one.

The best thing you can do for your music is get involved in the community surrounding your genre. Comment on other artists tracks, share music you like and generally add value. Interaction in the community doesn’t mean spamming other channels with comments like ‘wow’ or ‘tune’. It means adding genuine value. A good question to ask yourself before doing anything is ‘would I do this if wasn’t going to benefit me in any way?’.

Buy SoundCloud Marketing Services From Fansoria

Let’s keep it real- getting famous still isn’t that easy. You need to have a good fanbase and building it from scratch can be hard. But many services exist to make that easier. So, buying SoundCloud marketing services from Fansoria will give your music career a head start. If you are an aspiring musician who wants to make a career online, Fansoria is the perfect way to go.

Fansoria has proven its mettle over and over again by offering great services that have appealed to many people in the audience. Fansoria’s expansion into all social media sites has made its one-stop-shop for purchasing online engagement. You can trust Fansoria when you want to buy SoundCloud marketing services. Fansoria has secure payment gateways that prevent any loss of money.

What are the possibilities for your Soundcloud Marketing?

Here at Fansoria, you will find a wide range of packages for your SoundCloud Marketing. This way you can choose exactly the right elements that will help you to advance yourself and your success. But what exactly are our offers for your SoundCloud Marketing?


Followers are a good way to increase the overall reach of your profile. Most of the time, the first glance of new prospects is on the number of your followers, which is why you quickly stand out from the crowd by buying new SoundCloud followers.

SoundCloud Likes

Likes are a great way to increase the popularity of your songs. Moreover, the more Likes you have, the faster you will be shown to new users. This opens many new options for your SoundCloud Marketing.


Comments enrich the experience of each new song. This also contributes to a higher visibility, so you can be found faster. In addition, your growth will quickly appear more organic if there are comments among your songs.

The perfect mix for your range of SoundCloud Marketing

Usually it makes sense to buy different packages. This makes it much easier for you to keep your SoundCloud account serious and clear without spending time. A quick increase of your plays, without an adjustment of your likes can be confusing for some users. So, to get the clarity you need right from the start, you can improve your range with little effort.

If you want to test a single package first, you do not have to worry about it.

However, for the optimization around your SoundCloud Marketing it is always a good choice to choose one of the packages and quickly convince new users. With Fansoria, you can expect the optimal composition on this basis. So, you can easily gain new fans quickly and increase your reach step by step.

Our contribution to your growth

Together with us, you no longer have to wait any longer for this reason. Moreover, we support you quickly and easily to reach more users and expand the range of your contributions. With a variety of packages, it is easy to make a difference in SoundCloud Marketing.

For the small start as well as for the big purchase to get you started, we offer you exactly the right options. So, after many years of development, we know how important many plays, followers and likes are for your SoundCloud Marketing. So, you have it in your own hands to benefit from our offers and ensure a successful implementation.

Therefore, do not miss your chances, but invest in your future. The same applies to Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and TikTok, of course, for which we provide you with numerous offers. Here at Fansoria we are therefore your partner for marketing on SoundCloud.

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