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Can you buy Twitter video views?

Buying Twitter video views have never been so easy. We offer an easy-to-use tool for you to buy your views.

What does video views on Twitter mean?

A video view is when your video is watched in 50% view for 2 seconds or more, or when someone clicks to expand/unmute your video.

Does Twitter count your own views?

Fortunately, Twitter doesn’t count your own impressions on your own tweets.

Can I see who views my Twitter?

To answer this question right off the bat – no. It’s not possible to find out who is vising your profile on Twitter.

How are video views counted on Twitter?

The total video view’ metric is calculated by the sum of “any views which are at least 50 percent in-view for 2 seconds.

How does Twitter define a view?

A Twitter view is the number of times someone has viewed a tweet (post) from your company on Twitter that week.

What is a unique view?
Page Unique Views indicates the number of unique users. 

The ones that have viewed a web page or social media page.

How do you increase video views on Twitter?

Keep videos at 15 seconds or less to maximize branding impact.
Grab attention quickly with movement or talent in the first few seconds.
Incorporate clear logo placement and persistent branding.
Include captions or another sound-off strategy.

Do video views count as engagement Twitter?
Engagements measures “times people interacted with this Tweet”.

For Tweets that include media like a video or a GIF, the engagements metric will no longer include media views.

How do you see who views your Twitter?

On a desktop or laptop computer, visit and click on Tweets.


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“Twitter has a feature that keeps a public record of the amount of Twitter video views a video clip has. It is such a simple feature, yet a strong indicator of your Twitter engagement rate. It can help you know how many users your content is reaching.”

Why Should You Buy Twitter  Views?

People care about their online status, so they appreciate any view, retweet, or like that they get. Users tend to shy away from tweets that do not have any likes or retweets, so if you are a new user, you should invest in buying Twitter video views through our secure services, and it won’t take long before you become a trusted personality on Twitter with a busy company.

Twitter Videos can be a powerful addition to the way you share your brand story on Twitter, and help increase how memorable and effective your campaigns are. With 93% of Twitter’s video views taking place on mobile devices*, brands are learning to capture the benefits of mobile viewership, and exciting research suggests that incorporating video into your campaigns can positively impact a range of different consumer behaviors.

What are Twitter Video Views?

Since 2017, Twitter Video Views were implemented as a public metric that only shows the number of views. It sounds like a simple parameter, but it requires delimiting the length of the video clip reproduced to count as a view from a user.

Twitter video views definition, requires the user to see at least two seconds from the middle of the video. The video must be playing on the user’s screen for that length to count as a Twitter view, even if it was an auto-play reproduction.

Whether pop-culture, local or global news, work, or the brands I use and wear, Twitter is a powerful social networking tool and search engine in which I can typically find the latest information about virtually any topic. This also includes updates from the companies and businesses I care about.

Twitter is one of the world’s most popular social media platforms with over 353 million users. Many businesses use Twitter to reach and connect with their customers. Twitter can help you reach a wide audience and connect with your customers. The downsides include possible negative feedback.

Consider if a twitter account will benefit your business. Are your competitors using it? How do other people in your industry use it? What success are your peers having on Twitter?

Benefits of Twitter for business

There are a number of advantages that using twitter can bring to a business:

Reach a wide audience

Twitter has a large user base, which could include your potential customers. Using hashtags can help you reach an audience interested in a particular topic or in a particular location.

Deliver customer service

The platform allows direct two-way communication with your customers. Because it’s a public interaction, if you do it well it shows your business in a positive light

Brand identity

Being on Twitter can help communicate your brand ethos and personality. This should help your business appeal to your target audience.


Twitter can be a useful resource for gathering feedback from customers.


It is free of charge to set up a Twitter account. While paid ads are available, many businesses see benefits from organic posts and interactions.

How to Get More Twitter Video Views?

If your video clips have big numbers of views, you will attract more interactions and views from new users to it. It is a good strategy to try to get more Twitter video views. We know all the benefits it has but how can you get more Twitter Video views?

There are different strategies you can start to apply if you want to get more views on Twitter. Some of these tips require an investment to promote your Twitter videos, but that is not the only way.

Post Twitter videos and tweet frequently

Twitter is a dynamic platform and you need to keep an active account. If you tweet regularly, your audience is more likely to see and interact with your content. This is vital if you want to show in your audience TimeLine and gain more Twitter video views.

If you need a good approximation, three to seven tweets a day is the minimum to keep your activity strategy effective. The advantage of this platform is that there is no such thing as too many tweets. Just make sure your content is good and not considered spam.

Investigate the best times to post your Twitter video

You need to tweet and upload your Twitter videos at the best schedules. If you post at the most active hours of your audience, then your content will be effective. Also, it is more likely that your followers will increase your Twitter video views.

The activity schedule can be different depending on the time zone and audience you want to target. There are public analytics of the time activities that could help you decide which the best hours to tweet your content are. After all, even if your Twitter videos are engaging, your audience won’t see them if they are sleeping or are at work/school.

Use the right Hashtags

On Twitter, hashtags are a powerful tool to reach to your target audience. A good strategy you can use is search for SEO keywords that will work best for your content and target users. If you use the right hashtags you can reach new followers and gain more Twitter video views.

Use responses and retweets to your benefit

It is not necessary to keep yourself always chained to the platform to make it active and gain more Twitter video views. You just need to make the most out of your activity time. One alternative to do so is by keeping productive interactions with your mutual and other users.

If you keep positive interactions it is more likely that new users will see your profile and follow you. You can do so by using tags, replying and retweeting with your followers or related accounts.

Promote your Twitter Videos to get more views

This alternative requires payment to increase your visibility to new users. You need to plan ahead what your target audience will be and which content will be more effective to engage with them. That way you will make the most out of your promoted strategy.

Why Should You Buy Twitter  Views?

People care about their online status, so they appreciate any view, retweet, or like that they get. Users tend to shy away from tweets that do not have any likes or retweets, so if you are a new user, you should invest in buying Twitter video views through our secure services, and it won’t take long before you become a trusted personality on Twitter with a busy company.

Who Needs to Buy Twitter Views?

Several types of users should invest in their accounts to increase Twitter video views. They include everyone who

  1. Have a small business.
  2. The one who wants to boost their popularity.
  3. Or, who wants to grow their customer base.
  4. Also, if they want to grow their Twitter profile.
  5. Want to grow their reach on other social media accounts.
  6. Want to get attention from verified users.
  7. Improve social media marketing.
  8. Offer online services through their company.
  9. Want to increase activity on other tweets

What are the Advantages of Purchasing Twitter Video Views from Fansoria?

You can take advantage of several benefits and our fast services. The first is that you get attention from users all over the world. Often, users who have tweets that go viral often share their other social media accounts. More users will follow you, which is a guarantee that they will see your future tweets. You can add a link to your tweets and Twitter videos to direct your followers anywhere you want them to go.

Buying Twitter Video Views is worthwhile for everyone!

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How can you buy Twitter Views from us?

The purchase itself is quite simple. All you have to do is put your package in the shopping cart, enter your payment details, select a payment method and confirm the order. Afterwards you will receive an e-mail from us, so that we can send you your followers directly.

It has never been easier to buy Twitter Views yourself and increase the value of your work. We are happy to help you to achieve the necessary growth for your profiles quickly and without much effort. With us you are and remain completely dunning proof afterwards and can rely on your pages remaining successful. The highest quality awaits you around the video views you buy from us.

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What Are you Waiting For?

The thought of reaching hundreds of millions of leads through a free social media platform sounds intriguing, right? But how do you actually ensure you’re generating fantastic content those people will want to interact with?

Twitter is a unique marketing channel with huge opportunities for brands looking for a new way to reach prospective customers. It’s not yet full of business accounts, and it has maintained the authenticity that’s lacking on other social media sites—which has resulted in a dedicated user base that’s tired of Instagram’s careful curation and Facebook’s fake news. Marketers always need to have new tricks up their sleeve to adapt to the ever-changing landscape of digital advertising.

It has the ability to help you direct more traffic to your website, improve brand awareness, engage your audience, create personal relationships with your followers and customers, boost conversions, and increase your sales. They should not overlook Twitter if they want to make an impact. It’s perhaps one of the purest platforms left, and the possibilities are wide-open to incoming brands.

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