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Is Clubhouse a good platform?

Clubhouse is an excellent place to network, discuss similar interests and access professional development.

How Is Clubhouse used in marketing?

4 Ways to market your brand on Clubhouse.
optimize your brand’s Clubhouse bio. Join industry-relevant Rooms and conversations. Start a Room that taps into your industry Niche. Collaborate with industry leaders to Reach New audiences.

What is Clubhouse strategy?

Clubhouse is using what’s known as the “Velvet Rope” strategy. They’re creating exclusivity with a combination of invite-only memberships and strategic hype.

What is Clubhouse concept?
The concept is simple:

Once you are invited to join, you can start or listen to conversations in digital “rooms”, ranging from a major talk by someone famous to a chat within a small group.

How do you promote in a Clubhouse?

Create a consistent schedule for your Clubhouse content.
Schedule rooms ahead of time so they show up on the community calendar.
Buy Clubhouse Marketing Services from Fansoria.

Is Clubhouse really useful?

Since Clubhouse is free to use once you get an invite, it can provide a lot of benefits for no investment beyond your time.

From where are these services coming from?

They are coming from European accounts and you can buy country’s targeted services as well.

Do we need your passwords?


We wont ever ask you for your passwords.

Why Fansoria?

Fansoria is the experienced operator in this field. you can check our client’s feedback, as well.

Do we take defaming orders?

No. We don’t take any defaming orders.

Will anyone know if I bought these services?

No. No one can know as they are just as natural as anything.


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Marketing Commercial Advertising Plan Concept

You’ve likely heard some buzz about Clubhouse, a new social media app that’s invitation-only and designed for real time connection. But did you know it currently has 10 million users? Ten million users…for an app that’s currently only available for iOS. Ten million users for an app that isn’t even open for everyone. That’s right. You have to have an invitation to use Clubhouse.

What is Clubhouse Marketing, and what can it do for your business?

The clubhouse is a live audio app that’s a delightfully strange combination of something that sounds like it could be terribly boring but is in fact absolutely fascinating. It’s kind of like a podcast, and it’s kind of like being allowed to listen in on someone else’s phone call. Basically, Clubhouse lets users create rooms and clubs within the virtual space. Each room is an event — an audio-only discussion among users.

These discussions can be scheduled or might pop up unannounced. Discussions can engage just a few people — like in an interview format, where other users simply listen in — or the discussions can involve many users. These rooms and clubs are based on searchable themes and keywords that let users know what unites a group or event. And there’s one more important feature of Clubhouse: The conversations aren’t recorded by the app. So a difference between Clubhouse and a podcast is that you must listen live, as the discussions aren’t archived.

Are you trying to work out how to use the Clubhouse App to benefit your business?

Maybe you are waiting to get into the app and are fed up of hearing people raving about how Clubhouse has helped their business to blow up or maybe you are already in Clubhouse but not really sure how people are managing to generate new clients and sales from it. If any of the above resonated with you are in the right place. Keep on reading to find out how to use the Clubhouse App to benefit your business.

Interestingly the person who invited you to be on the platform appears on your profile and you are able to keep going back and back and see your whole nomination chain.

Why Businesses Should Consider Clubhouse?

If you’re a business owner or marketer, Clubhouse offers some unique advantages that make it worth considering.

On Clubhouse, you don’t have to chase down your target market every time you log on. Your audience is already there and they want to engage in a conversation with you.

Because Clubhouse is a live audio platform, when you bring people onto the stage to ask a question, you can actually hear them speak. You can learn about your audience’s concerns and desires directly from them. It’s as close to a real-life conversation as you’re going to get on a virtual platform.

The voice-only aspect makes Clubhouse a valuable content creation vehicle as well. It’s much easier than live video because people don’t have to get camera-ready to participate—all they need is a headset and their phone. With the real-time nature of the content and the ease of bringing people into the discussion, it allows you to have meaningful conversations and build know, like, and trust with your audience.

How to use Clubhouse to benefit your business

1. Optimise your Clubhouse profile

Like other social media apps once you’ve joined you’ll have the ability to update your profile. However, unlike Twitter and Instagram you are restricted to a tiny profile (it feels so freeing!).

In fact, the more you put on your profile the better since everything is searchable. This includes words, as well as emojis. To ensure your Clubhouse profile is going to benefit your business it is essential that you make the most of your profile. This means sharing firstly what you do and who you help. You might want to also direct people to other places. Clubhouse allows you to directly add a link to your Instagram or Twitter. However, if you have a lead magnet or Facebook group you could also add those details in there.

2. Be in other people’s room

Approach 1: Go into rooms that are around your expertise.

Once you’ve got your profile set up it is time to start joining rooms. In a room there are two types of people: speakers and listeners.

If you go into a room that is around your expertise, then it is a great place for market research (especially if that room is allowing people to go onto the stage and ask questions). It is very similar to being in a Facebook Group and getting to hear first-hand what people are struggling with. You may decide to just listen and use it as a researching tool. Or you could put your hand up and see if you are accepted to join the stage. You might have the opportunity to add value to the conversation.

Approach 2: Go into rooms that your peers are in

Another way to use Clubhouse to benefit your business is to use it grow your network of peers. Currently, Clubhouse is full of entrepreneurs and business owners. You can find rooms that are attracting your peers and join. Here you will be focusing on checking the profiles of people in the room and then starting conversations on other platforms. This is why it is important for you to have a good profile as other people will be in rooms doing the exact same thing.

3. Run your own Room

If you really want to use Clubhouse to benefit your business, you should run your own rooms. Your room = your rules! Running a room means that you get to set the topic, which should ideally be demonstrating your expertise and interest your ideal client. You’ll also have the opportunity to ask others to join your room as a moderator if you choose to do so.

4. Create a Club

Running rooms is great but if you really want to make the most of Clubhouse you should create a club. People are able to become members of clubs and when you create rooms you can create them under the banner of your club. The added bonus of a Club is that you can offer the opportunity for others to run rooms under your Club. At the moment you can’t just create a room.

Advantages Of Clubhouse Marketing

At its best, Clubhouse is engaging, informative, and a fun way to learn, teach and connect. Some of its biggest benefits include:


The app features audio chat rooms that you can join and host freely. Each room is like a live, interactive, unfiltered podcast. As a participant, you can raise your hand to ask a question of a presenter. As a host, you can talk to guest speakers and co-hosts or call on audience members to take the stage. Small rooms have an intimate feeling, and you have the opportunity to connect with smart people doing interesting things.


Chat rooms cover a wide range of topics that are relevant to your business goals, and you can make solid connections with people who share your interests. And if you’re looking for help in a certain area, such as social media, finance, strategic planning or growth, you can quickly find someone who has the skills and knowledge you need.


Clubhouse gives you access to subject matter experts that might normally be out of your reach. Now you might find yourself in a room where people like Grant Cardone and Elon Musk are sharing their insights and experiences, or leaders in your industry are teaching master classes that directly relate to your business. You get to listen to people who have achieved extraordinary things, and if you’re lucky, you can ask them specific questions.

Grow your business

Clubhouse and other voice-chat apps allow you to build an audience of people who can be potential customers of your business. You can first attract them with valuable content related to their industry and show off your expertise. When they recognize you as an industry leader, they will be more likely to choose you to do business with.

Hold meetings for a wide audience

Compared to other audio-chat apps and services, Clubhouse gives you an opportunity to broadcast your ideas and other valuable information to more listeners at once. With the maximum meeting capacity of 100 users on Zoom and a 1,000-user capacity on Google Meet, the 5,000-user limit on Clubhouse looks like a major upgrade.

Connect with people from your industry

With the variety of topics discussed on Clubhouse every day and the endless range of experts using the app, you can find the right person for any situation. Whether you are looking for a new employee, a new partner, or someone to collaborate with on your next project, developing Clubhouse and similar apps give you plenty of opportunities to do that.

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