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What exactly are Instagram Views?
Instagram Views represent the frequency of clicks on your videos. The more people who watched your videos, the faster and more efficiently you win new likes and followers at the same time. For this reason, it is worthwhile to increase the range of individual videos.
How can visibility be improved?
Here’s How

The visibility of your profile and contributions depends on many factors. Especially the number of your views and followers is important. So, with every purchase you can improve your profile and noticeably increase the clarity.

Where do our Instagram Views come from?
Instagram Views from all over the world await you with our offers. This way your video will not only be optimally represented in Germany, but also in many other regions. This way you can increase the reach of your videos with every purchase.
What are the advantages of purchased views?
New Instagram Views revitalize your profile. Videos with many clicks are then viewed by many more users, which quickly increases the success of your contributions. So, every new view will enrich your profile.
Can the Instagram Views be distributed?
Basically, you can provide the desired distribution of your views with just a few clicks. Make sure, however, that the desired added value of the purchase is retained so that the purchase is worthwhile. Too few views for a video will not help you in most cases.
Does Instagram tell you who viewed your?

There is no way for Instagram users to see who is viewing their profile the most on Instagram

How does the views work on Instagram?

For a video to get a view, a user has to watch the video for at least three seconds. You can get multiple views from the same user as long as each time your video loops, they watch at least three seconds of it.

What happens when you get more views on instagram?

The more views your brand is getting on Instagram, the more opportunities you have to get your message in front of fans, build brand recognition, increase conversions, and receive customer feedback.

Does watching your own video count as a view?

Each time a viewer intentionally initiates the playing of a video on their device and watches for at least 30 seconds, that counts as a view. Pretty simple! If you play your own video, that will be counted as a view.

How many Instagram Views is good?

You’ll earn badges for being active around the site. Rep gems come when your posts are rated by other community members. 3 views for every 5 followers.

How to increase your Instagram video views?
Here’s How

Use relevant hashtags. If anyone tells you that hashtags don’t matter, then they obviously have no idea.
Run video ads.
Don’t focus too much on the sound element.
Know the best times to post.

Does Instagram count multiple views?

Does Instagram count same user views? No – same as if you like a post multiple times (which you can’t really) – the video view only counts once from each user no matter how many times it’s being watched.

Are views better than likes on Instagram?

Views are better than likes: Instagram makes switch to generate more video sales.

Easily Choose

Fansoria provides you with enourmous packages for Instagram Views. You can choose the package that you want easily with a few simple clicks. So, choose your region and package, and enjoy your new Package.

Easily Pay

In our shop, you will find the best and safest payment methods. So you can easily choose the one that fits you the best. And our automatic system will inform us whenever your payment is successful.

Easily Grow

Our Instagram experst here at Fansoria, are ready to provide you with the latest and most innovative strategies to help you get as many Instagram Viewers as you want in the fastest and safest possible way.

Why Should I Buy Instagram Views?

To better answer this question, we first need to know “Why Do Most People Buy Instagram Views?”  But before talking about that, I want to talk about our nature!

As Aristotle once said, we are inherently social creatures. In other words, we need to be with other people, right? Until a few decades ago, being social had a simple meaning: gathering around with other people, talking, telling stories, and having fun. But today, the Internet and especially Social Media Platforms have changed the meaning. Nowadays, socializing for most people means meeting and connecting with others in the Virtual world of social media.

The Old VS New Social Values

A few years ago, we were at a family party. The youth were all looking at their Instagram pages, scrolling up and down, sometimes we were laughing and sometimes we were shocked by the photos or videos that we saw. And sometimes very strange sounds were coming out from our mobiles while watching a video. Then, my grandpa who was 80 by then, suddenly became aggressive and shout at us: Put those f. phones down, you all.

After a few moments of silence, we laughed all. Then my oldest cousin asked: Grandpa, I really wonder, how did you live without smartphones and social media? What you were doing at family gatherings?

Life Without Instagram

Grandpa gave a really interesting answer: “We used to gather around my uncle who was a great storyteller. He was so energetic and enthusiastic and he used to tell us stories and hilarious jokes! We were all having fun for hours and hours around him without getting bored!”

Then my cousin asked another question: “what about the times when your uncle was not with you?”

Grandpa said, “we used to talk for as long as we could, usually 30 minutes or so, and then we used to eat our dinner and then go home. Without my uncle no party was fun!”

The moral of the story is this: we love to be around fun and enthusiastic people.

Now let me ask you a question. Can you connect this story to our social media life?

Social Habits Are The Same

If you take a look at social media, you can easily see that users love to follow fun people, watch their videos, like their posts, and share whatever they upload, right? Without these fun people, Instagram would be so boring! In other words, our ancient social habits are the same but the medium has evolved.

An Unprecedented Opportunity By Social Media & Instagram

Nowadays we generally socialize on Social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, etc. Because with them, we can connect to millions and even billions of people all around the world. And this is an unprecedented opportunity for people who want to go viral, connect with millions, and become famous. They just need to create fun, amusing, and engaging videos and then use Instagram to go viral.

But, like every opportunity, this one comes with several challenges as well.

The Challenges You Face

This is true that Instagram is a very simple and fast way to go viral and get known, though, you need to know that you are not alone! I mean, there are millions of people who think about using Instagram to go viral and become famous just like you! Which makes the process more difficult and challenging. Because all of you are fighting to get more Instagram views than each other. That’s why most of these users are buying Instagram Views, likes, and followers on a continuous basis. They want to beat you. And this alone makes the competition more challenging!

Think about it, you are trying so hard to get organic Instagram Views and likes by creating fun content, but your competitors with similar content are buying Instagram Views and becoming more popular than you! I know a lot of people who spend hours and even days crafting a video, then publish it with huge excitement, only to receive less than 100 views! So, if you don’t want to face this problem and stay behind your competitors, you need to buy Instagram Views as well.

How Important are Instagram Views?

Instagram, like Facebook, TikTok, and all other social media platforms, wants to keep its users engaged and entertained for as long as possible. And to do that, it has to find the best and most interesting videos and show them to its users so that they keep watching and using the platform. And Instagram uses very advanced algorithms to determine whether your video is popular, engaging, and worth spreading or not.

A very important and effective part of this algorithm is Instagram Views. So, if a large number of users watch any one of your videos (more Instagram views), the Instagram algorithm will show your video in the search results. Because it believes that your video is valuable and engaging to the users. And as a result of that, your video will get more and more views, until the algorithm qualifies your video to be on the explore page. And guess what? The Explore page is the source of real and genuine traffic and Instagram views.

As you see, Instagram views are one of the most important metrics that determine the level of your success on Instagram. Instagram Likes, Instagram Comments, and also Instagram Followers are also very important parts of these algorithms. So, if you really want to grow your business and be successful on Instagram, you need to work on and increase your Instagram views. If you need help with that, you can buy Instagram Views, Instagram Likes, or Instagram Followers from Fansoria.

Instagram Viewers Breed New Instagram Viewers

Now, there is a very important rule about Instagram that you need to keep in mind: Your growth rate on Instagram is determined by the number of your Instagram views. Meaning, the more users view your video, the more new users your video will attract! And on the other hand, the fewer users view your video, the fewer new users it will attract! This is why Instagram users do everything they can to increase the number of their viewers and continuously buy extra Instagram Views, especially right after they publish their videos.

Instagram Follows the Law of Jungle!

Based on a report by Mention there are over 2 billion Instagram users. And all of them are trying their best to attract more attention and get more Instagram views. But the interesting news is that only 3.8% of them have over 50K followers. In other words, there are over 70 million Instagram users with more than 50K followers. Now, the important question is this: How do these 3.7% work on Instagram, and what do they do to get more attention?

In other words, how do they grow from zero views and get millions of new Instagram Views for every new video? What are the tools that they use? In a few minutes, you are going to know the exact tools that they use. But, a short answer to this question is this: you can’t start with NO VIEWS AND GET MILLIONS OF NEW INSTAGRAM VIEWS! It’s against the algorithms that Instagram is using! In other words, it’s impossible!

How Does A Video With Zero Views Get Millions of New Instagram Views?

To answer this paradoxical question, let’s go back to this rule again: “Instagram Viewers Breed New Instagram Viewers”. So, if one of your Instagram videos has ZERO views, Instagram will not show it to new Viewers. And even if it shows your video to new viewers, will they be interested to watch it? I doubt it! Because there is another rule that you need to pay attention to:

More Brings Plenty!

We try our best to stay away from risky actions that can cause losses. In other words, we tend to take safe and guaranteed steps in life. And we find those safe steps by looking at the people that have taken those steps before. If they are happy, we follow them and take those steps as well. But if they are unhappy with what they’ve done, then we step back and forget about doing that thing. In other words, we always follow the crowd.

The same rule is valid on Instagram as well. Meaning, if we see that a lot of people watch a video, we will be curious and watch that video as well. On the other hand, if we see a video that has just a few views, then we make a judgment about that video and say, “OK, this video is not that interesting. Because it has only a few Instagram views. Let’s find something more interesting!” So, we ignore that video and try to find more popular videos.

Never Start With Zero Instagram Views!

Now, if you start with ZERO views, then you will not be able to get a lot of attention, right? So, you have to start strong! You have to start with a lot of Instagram views. And the only way to make this happen is to buy Instagram Views for your video in the first place. This way the users will think that your video should be interesting because a lot of people have already watched your video. And as a result, they will get attracted to your Instagram video and will watch it.

Is It Possible To Get Organic Views Instead of Buying Instagram Views?

The short answer to this question is YES. Of course, you can focus on creating better and high-quality content to attract new viewers. And you know what, high-quality content is a MUST for long-term Instagram success. Just don’t forget that you are not alone! There are 70 million other Instagramers in the world. So, you need to pay attention to what others are doing and follow the habits of successful Instagram users. Let’s continue with an example.

Let’s imagine that you attend a racewalking championship. You are so excited and happy and can’t wait to get started. Because you have practiced for months and you are aiming to win this race. But, when the race starts you see something weird! Instead of walking, some of your competitors start running, some get on bicycles, and some use cars! And the interesting thing is that there are a few people who use Jets!

When you see these things, you get shocked! So you stop to protest, “Hey, this is not fair! This is racewalking! You can’t use vehicles, you have to walk!” But nobody seems to care! Now, who do you think will win this race? Will you win? I doubt it!

Instagram Is Not Fair At All!

Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and all other social media platforms are exactly like unfair racewalking. There are a lot of participants on these platforms. But they are not walking at all. They are using vehicles to win! They buy Instagram Views, likes, and comments on a continuous basis. And that’s totally fine!

There is only one problem with this race, which is you can’t win the race by yourself AT ALL! Because most of your competitors are already using vehicles and buying Instagram Views, Likes, Shares, comments and etc. So, if you want to win this race, you need to stop protesting and start using the same tools and vehicles that others are using.

You must work with a professional and reliable partner! You need to buy Instagram Views and Likes. Here at Fansoria, you can find your desired package and get any number of Instagram Views you want for a reasonable price.

Is It Safe To Buy Instagram Views?

The answer to this question is both Yes and No! I mean, the safety of your order and Instagram profile totally depends on the company that you are buying Instagram Views from and the strategies that they use to deliver your package. There are hundreds of companies out there, claiming to be the best Instagram Marketing agency in the world. But you need to know that, most of them are middle companies.

Never Work With Middle Instagram Marketing Agencies!

Middle companies are the ones that instead of creating and selling their own products, sell the products of other companies. Instagram Middle agencies buy packages from bigger companies like Fansoria, and then sell them to you at profit. On the other hand, there are some companies that are not middle, but they use old strategies to give you additional Instagram Views! But there is something that these companies forget:

Instagram is owned and managed by Meta, one of the world’s smartest companies. So, I ask you, can Meta find out whether you are using an old strategy to increase your Instagram Views or not?

They can find this out instantly. Because Meta updates its algorithms every once in a while to better distinguish a natural and an unnatural flow of views or likes or comments. So, if you use these old and outdated strategies, Meta would easily find that out and would happily suspend your Instagram account.

Big companies like Fansoria, on the other hand, only use strategies that are in alignment with the latest algorithms that Meta and Instagram use. Our Instagram experts here at Fansoria, analyze all the new updates and algorithms. And after that, create the best strategies that seem natural to Instagram and its algorithms. So, when you use these modern and innovative strategies, you can position your videos on the top and enjoy the increasing number of Instagram Views and Likes without any problem or risk.

Let’s Get Started Now!

Now, you have all the information that you needed. So, why not take the first step? Don’t hesitate, just order your first Instagram Views package (Start small). It’s easy, fast, and cheap. And the only thing that you will regret after buying Instagram views, is that you didn’t work with Fansoria earlier!

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