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Maximize your reach and captivate your audience with our YouTube Views strategy. Increase your visibility, boost your engagement, and make your videos stand out from the crowd. With our proven approach, your YouTube videos will attract more views, taking your channel to the next level.

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How do the views improve my range?
The views can be applied to any new video. When you upload a video, it will be displayed more frequently as it grows, allowing other users to see your video. This way you increase the range of your entire channel in the long run.
What do I get from YouTube views?

New YouTube views make it easier to expand your profile. Many users suffer from the problem of not being found even after many new videos. With our packages, you can change this and improve the effectiveness of new videos. So that users easily find you in search results. 

Why is Fansoria the right shop?
We stand for immediate and professional delivery. So, you do not have to wait long for your delivery with us but benefit from a significant improvement within a few minutes. In this way, nothing stands in the way of successful growth.
How quickly will the delivery be made?

Thanks to our innovative strategy, we enable you to process your order immediately. This makes it easy to access the desired views and use them for new or already uploaded videos.

Can the views be distributed?

Yes. You can split the YouTube views provided by us as you wish. However, make sure that the added value is not lost and it is better not to divide it into small sums. For larger packages, this is of course a good approach for sustained growth.

What are the rules for views on YouTube?
Views will be counted when:

A user watches a complete video ad between 11 and 30 seconds long.
Or, A user watches at least 30 seconds of a longer video.
A user interacts with the ad by clicking on it.

Does rewatching my YouTube video count as a view?

The answer is yes, provided the video is being played for the duration of 30 seconds or more.

How views on YouTube are counted?

A view counts on YouTube when: 1) it’s a viewer-initiated intended play and 2) the video has been despammed by YouTube’s algorithm.

What happens when you get 10000 YouTube Views?

After a channel hits 10,000 views and applies to the program, YouTube will review its activity to confirm it is following the site’s community guidelines and advertiser policies.

How do YouTube Views pay?

With the average YouTube pay rate hovering between $0.01 and $0.03 for an ad view, a YouTuber can make around $18 per 1,000 ad views, which comes out to $3 to $5 per 1,000 video views.

How do you increase views on YouTube?
Here’s How

Write engaging, must-see titles.
Optimize your videos for visibility.
Figure out what your audience wants.
Engage with the YouTube community.

Why is YouTube taking away my views?

YouTube used to suspend view counts in order to conduct an audit of a video that has reached over 300 views.

How much money is 1k views on YouTube?

On average, a YouTube channel can receive $18 per 1,000 ad views, which equates to $3 – $5 per 1000 video views.

How much money is 1m views on YouTube?
How much is 1 million YouTube views worth?

For a video with 1 million views, the average pay falls between $2,000 and $3,000 if you use ads on your videos.


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Why Should I Buy Aditional YouTube Views?

To better answer this question, we first need to know the journey and the process that your videos go through on YouTube from the time you upload them, till the end when your desired users find your video. And at the same time, we need to know whether other YouTubers buy YouTube Views or not.

YouTube, now owned by Google, is in fact a video-based search engine! This platform with over 2.6 billion monthly active users, provides you with an unprecedented opportunity to shoot a video and reach millions or even billions of people. This seems so tempting, though, with millions of people trying to get more share of this huge market, the process is too hard. And this is a common problem with most YouTubers: they spend hours and even days crafting a video, then publish it with huge excitement, only to receive less than 100 views!

Viewers Breed New Viewers

Now, there is a very important rule about YouTube that you need to keep in mind: Your growth rate on YouTube is determined by the number of your YouTube views. Meaning, the more users view your video, the more new users it will attract! And on the other hand, the fewer users view your video, the fewer new users it will attract! This is why YouTubers do everything they can to increase the number of their viewers. For example, they continuously buy extra YouTube Views, especially right after they publish their video.

YouTube Follows the Law of Jungle!

Based on a report by TimQueen there are over 100 million channels on YouTube and nearly 40 million active channels! Active channels are those that publish new content every once in a while. And all of these 30 million channels are trying their best to attract more attention and get more YouTube views. But the interesting thing is that 28.5 million channels have less than 100 subscribers! In other words, 1.5 million YouTubers get all the attention, and all the YouTube views and 28.5 million YouTubers get nothing! Why?

Because those 1.5 million YouTubers know how to grow from zero views and get millions of new YouTube Views for every new video. And here you are going to know the exact tools that they use. But, a short answer to this question is this: you can’t start with NO VIEWS AND GET MILLIONS OF NEW YOUTUBE VIEWS! It’s against the algorithms that YouTube is using! In other words, it’s impossible!

How To Start With Zero Views and Get Millions of New YouTube Views?

To answer this paradoxical question, let’s go back to this rule again: “Viewers Breed Viewers”. So, if one of your YouTube videos has ZERO views, YouTube will not show it to new Viewers. And even if it shows your video to viewers, will they be interested to watch it? I doubt it! Because there is another rule that you need to pay attention to:

A Crowd Attracts A Crowd!

We all tend to take safe and guaranteed steps in life. And we find those safe steps by looking at the people that have taken those steps before. If they are happy, we follow them and take those steps as well. But if they are unhappy with what they’ve done, then we step back and forget about doing that thing. In other words, we always follow the crowd.

The same rule is valid on YouTube as well. Meaning, if we see that a lot of people watch a video, we will be curious and watch that video as well. On the other hand, if we see a video that has just a few views, then we make a judgment about that video, “OK, this video is not that interesting. Because it has only a few YouTube views. Let’s find something more interesting!”

Never Start With Zero YouTube Views!

Now, if you start with ZERO views, then you will not be able to get a lot of attention, right? So, you have to start strong! You have to start with a lot of YouTube views. And the only way to make this happen is to buy YouTube Views for your video. This way the users will think that your video should be interesting because a lot of people have already watched your video. And as a result, they will get attracted to your YouTube video and will watch it.

I Want To Get Organic Views Without Buying YouTube Views!

Of course, you can focus on your content and attract new viewers by creating high-quality content. And you know what, high-quality content is a MUST for long-term YouTube success. Just don’t forget that you are not alone! There are 30 million other YouTubers in this Jungle.

Let’s continue with an example. Let’s imagine that you attend racewalking. You are so excited and happy and can’t wait to get started. Because you have practiced for months and you are aiming to win this race. But, when the race starts you see something weird! Instead of walking, some of your competitors start running! Some get on bicycles, and some use cars! And the interesting thing is that there are a few people who use Jets! You are shocked! So you stop to protest, “Hey, this is not fair! This is racewalking! You can’t use vehicles, you have to walk!” But nobody seems to care! Now, who do you think will win this race? Will you win? I doubt it!

YouTube Is An Unfair Racewalking!

YouTube and all other social media platforms are exactly like unfair racewalking. And the participants (YouTubers) are not walking at all. They are using vehicles to win! They buy YouTube Views, likes, and comments on a continuous basis. And that’s totally fine! The only problem with this race is that you can’t win the race by yourself AT ALL! Because most of your competitors are already using vehicles and buying YouTube Views, Likes, Shares, comments and etc.

So, if you want to win this race, you need to stop protesting and start using the same tools and vehicles. You must work with a professional and reliable partner! You need to buy YouTube Views and Likes. Here at Fansoria, you can find your desired package and get any number of YouTube Views you want for a reasonable price.

Some Tips To Improve The Quality of Your Content

As we said, if you want to succeed in the long run, you need to improve the quality of your content. Because you can attract a new user to your video or your channel and get a new YouTube View. But attraction is an instant feeling. And if your content is not that good, then that feeling will get lost and the user will leave your channel and will never be back. So, follow these important steps to create better and more engaging videos:

How To Create Better Videos?

Improve the quality of your Content:

To get more organic attention instead of buying YouTube Views, you need to differentiate yourself from others. You should prove that you have an extra added value to the users. How? The answer to this question is three important things:

  • Unique Style: You need to be unique. You cannot be successful if you are a copy of other people. You need to find or create your own, unique style.
  • Unique Content: If you copy what other people talk about, the users will ignore you! So, it’s important to find topics that are unique and popular.
  • Engaging: After you find a popular topic, you need to make it engaging and interesting. You can talk like a robot! Or you can be energetic and talk in a way that users enjoy watching. You can use sound effects to make your videos more fun and engaging.

This is how you can increase the number of your new YouTube views naturally without having to buy additional YouTube Views. And at the same time, you can increase the number of returning viewers to your channel. So, be creative and shoot unique content. This serves two important purposes: first, it puts you high above your peer groups and competition. And second, it makes your viewers connect to you and fall in love with your content!

Improve the video Recording quality
  • Have Enough Light: Based on a report from Hubspot, the worst enemy of YouTube Views is bad lighting! Bad lighting pushes your audience out of your video and channel quicker than you can imagine. So you need to make sure that your lighting is good and professional. You can use natural lighting or you can buy some useful artificial lights to improve the quality of your video.
  • Record your video in a quiet place: Another important thing that determines your level of success with YouTube and has a huge impact on the number of YouTube Views, is the quality of your voice. You need to record your videos in a place that is quiet and has minimum noise. And at the same time, you need to use professional tools to improve your sound quality (the quality of the phone’s mic is OK, but if you want to be professional, I recommend you use a high-quality external mic). This ensures that your users pay attention to you and your sound more than background noises within your environment or their environment. You can also invest in an external mic to improve your sound quality.
Additional Equipment:
  • Use Professional Equipment: In addition to lights and a mic, you need to use a tripod for your phone or if you can, try using a good camera. Using Tripod or an external camera will allow you to use all of your body and have better non-verbal communication.
  • Use High-Speed Network Connection if you are Livestreming on YouTube: This is more important than you can think. Sometimes the best way to reach out to your audience is to go Live on YouTube. If so, you need to make sure your wi-fi connection is strong. If it’s not, then don’t go live. Because it’s much better not to Livestream than to have a low-quality Livestream. Low-quality Livestream will push your viewers away from you forever! And it’s hard to get them back! So, make sure your connection is strong.
  • Be Prepared (Well-Prepared): The worst thing a YouTuber can do is to record a video when he/she doesn’t have good things to say or when he/she has not prepared what to say! This ruins your charisma! So, always be well-prepared so that you can record your video smoothly.

Is Buying YouTube Views Safe?

Yes and No! It totally depends on the company that you are buying YouTube Views from and the strategies that they use to deliver your package.

There are hundreds of companies out there, claiming to be the best YouTube Marketing agency in the world. But you need to know that, most of them are middle companies. They buy packages from bigger companies like Fansoria, and then sell them to you at profit. And there are some companies that are not middle, but they use old strategies to increase YouTube Views!

But they forget that YouTube is owned and managed by the giant, Google which I believe is the smartest company in the world. So, I ask you, can Google find out whether you are using an old strategy or not? Of course, it can recognize these old strategies easily. Because Google is smart enough to distinguish between a natural and an unnatural flow of views or likes or comments, right? So, if you use these old and outdated strategies, Google would happily suspend your YouTube account.

Fansoria, on the other hand, only uses strategies that are in alignment with the latest algorithms that Google and YouTube use. Our YouTube experts here at Fansoria, analyze all the new updates and algorithms. Then, create the best strategies that seem natural to YouTube algorithms. So that when you use those strategies, you can position your videos on the top and enjoy the increasing number of Views and Likes without any problem or risk.

Let’s Start Now!

Now, you know all the things that you needed. So, why not take the first step? Don’t hesitate, just order your first YouTube Views package (Start small). It’s easy, fast, and cheap. And the only thing that you will regret after buying YouTube views, is that you didn’t work with Fansoria earlier!

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