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Is obtaining Likee Views a good idea?

Purchasing Likee Views is an excellent idea. Views are essential if you want to grow your fan base and get more likes and followers. Increased views indicate that your work is worth watching, and as a result, you’ll gain more followers and likes on your profile.

From where are these views coming from?

If you want to get country-targeted or European country views, you may need to consider purchasing buying them from Fansoria.

How am I to determine whether the views on my videos are genuine?

Sadly, no! We can’t tell if a person’s profile is real because there is no way to know who saw your video.

Why is it critical for me to purchase Likee Views?

If you buy Likee views, you will become more visible and popular, as well as speed up the process of getting traffic.

Is it acceptable to purchase views for likee from Fansoria?

Yes, Fansoria is focused on providing high-quality views at an affordable price.

How can I purchase Likee views?

Make payments after placing an order.

Is it conceivable that buying Likee Views could result in my account suspended?
In addition, there is no need to create an account with us.

Consequently, the account is safe and unaffected by hackers. Our legal services will not be withheld from you.

Is it safe to purchase instant and fast Likee views?

We can begin providing our services immediately upon receipt of payment.

Why are Quick Views necessary?

When you upload a video, it needs a high number of views in order to remain on-trend.

Yes, purchasing Likee Views from Fansoria is absolutely legal and risk-free.

Will the followers I bought from Fansoria see my video?

Yes, as we said before, the followers we give you will be real and active.

What can I do to increase my Likee views?

You can purchase inexpensive Likee Views at Fansoria.

What is the maximum view range that I can obtain?
We provide limitless accounts.

So feel free to place as many orders as you like.


We offer an enormous variety of different offers, so we always have the right solution for you. With us you always remain flexible in this respect.


Around our service we are always committed to the matter at hand. In this respect we offer you the latest offers and are at your disposal as a professional partner.

Reliable Support

If any questions arise during the ordering process, we offer you reliable support. This way you get the right answers to every question and are up to date.

Buy Likee Views

In this digital era, everything has become digital, from businesses to education, from shopping to trading, from entertainment to news, and much more. Our social media channels such Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Likee, and others are the ones with millions or billions of active user ratios who use the applications for different purposes.

Some people are on social media just for communication and entertainment purposes, where some people utilize the platforms to raise their business. At the same time, there is also a separate audience that uses applications like Likee and TikTok to make themselves and their content viral on the internet.

Likee is one of the most used social media applications that allow you to make short music videos to upload on the profile. People watch your videos and interact in the form of likes, comments, shares, views, and much more. The more views you get on your videos, the more chances to raise you as a Likee star where people recognize you by your content and the type of unique videos you capture and upload.

However, with the ratio of millions of users, it is not easy to make yourself stand out among others. Numerous people make and post something new every day on the platform; therefore, it is also impossible for the end-user to remember and watch all the available videos. Therefore, more and more people opt to buy Likee views, shares, comments, Likee followers, etc., to get quick recognition for their content and profile.

Why Buy Likee Views From Fansoria?

Fansoria, being one of the leading social media services providers, understands the requirement of every individual who put in efforts to come up with unique content and upload it under their profiles. Therefore, our team spend a good time analyzing the shortcoming of your profile, the audience to be targeted, and much more to bring you the real and interested people who are potential about watching your videos. We aim to help every individual out there to be the next Likee star with our effective services.

Fansoria, being there in the market for providing social media services for a decade, understands what can be done to bring out your content to be appreciated by your ideal audience. Our team of specialists sit together for every new order we receive, analyze your current profile, and figure out the aspects that hold your profile back from getting the fame it deserves.

Only then we define the audience to be targeted, only the ones who could be interested in watching your content. After analyzing and finding out the specific audience to target, we make your content or videos visible to them so they can watch it. The more audience we fetch, the more views in your videos. However, buying Likee views does not only end up increasing the views, but it overall benefits your account and your online presence.

What are beans and diamonds on Likee?

Beans are Likee coin monetizing content. Creators can collect and withdraw beans with a monetary value. On the other hand, the creators can use real money to buy diamonds and it can be given as a gift to the creators they love.
Users can also earn diamonds by liking and sharing content and completing different levels on Likee app. Diamonds are turned into beans when they are gifted to creators.

Ways to make money on Likee

There are different ways creators can earn via Likee. Here are how you can earn money from the app.

Rewards Program

Likee app promotes users to gain popularity through their videos and earn beans from them. The rewards program allows users to earn money based on the number of views creators get for each video.
To boost users’ popularity, Likee also has Likee Creator, which provides professional training for users wanting to target more comments on the app.

Earning through crowns

Likee pays real money to the official creators of the app. Once the content gains high traction after following Likee’s guidelines, the creator earns crowns.
The three crowns include:
K1 crowns creators earn about $400 or more.
K2 Crowns creators earn about $200 per month.
K3 crowns that pay creators around $50.

Sponsorship and promotional payment

Brands engage with creators with higher number of comments and views in order to promote their brands and products. Sponsorship offers are also high among the official active creators of the app.
Consistent interactions and promotions are expected from viewers from the content creators who are hired to provide sponsorships and promotions.

Live broadcast and participate in challenges

Likee creators are allowed to broadcast live videos for at least 30 minutes once they have more comments. Users can gift creators purchased diamonds that are converted into swipe beans.
Content creators take on challenges which helps them gain more comments and “diamonds” than other users of the app.

Make money from GoLive

Likely creators who have completed level 35 may use the Live feature only in order to collect gifts from their viewers. Diamonds (gifts) are given to creators who complete certain challenges in a live broadcast.

Increase content visibility through the hashtag

The hashtag appears in the description of videos posted on Likee. To target a niche audience, hashtags provide viewers with relevant content when browsing the app.

Major Benefits of Buying Likee Views

This is because fetching the potential audience from the market will affect your profile in every aspect. People watch your videos, come over your profile, check the other content, and hit the follow button if they like your overall content engaging enough. This is how by buying views, your Likee followers increase along with the boost in other engagement such as likes, shares, comments, and much more.

Since it is very imperative for you to do thorough research on the company before you hire them to buy Likee views to know what the track record does a company have, what is the process they follow to bring you the views, are the views real, and many other concerns need to be cleared at the first point.

What are Likee Views Basically?

We all love light-hearted, entertaining videos, but another great thing about Likee is amassing Likee views. Viewers are the people view the entertaining videos that people upload. Of course, the more people enjoy your content, the more they’ll hit the subscribe button and become one of your Likee Views. Before talking about how to increase your Likee views, let’s discuss how to set up a Likee profile.

How to gain more views?

The truth is that your account followers determine your level of interaction. So, it is a good idea to have a good number of Likee views. One of the most effective ways is buying Likee views.

It is not news that people are turning their social media accounts to their advantage. So you may need to buy Likee views to catch up with them. However, gaining a large audience of organic followers when starting from zero is always hard, but we know an excellent shortcut to get your content out there so you can kickstart your organic growth.

Having a good number of Likee fans from the start gives more credibility to your profile. At the end of the day, no one cares if you buy Likee views to have more organic followers. So, you should buy Likee views rather than struggle to start completely from scratch.

Another important reason to buy Likee views to have more organic views is that many brands are beginning to use Likee to improve their brand image. People on Twitter and Instagram want to join Likee to market their services and products thanks to the ever-increasing number of views; you’re not at the mercy of algorithms that punish you for having tons of followers or viewers.

Since most competitors are on other social networks, using Likee to market business is becoming the new big thing. Buying views is key to getting your headstart in the game, to be able to grow organically. That’s where we come in. We are your trusted, reliable, and safe site to buy Likee views.

Fansoria, a hub of pioneers!

We firmly believe that not every person has the same requirements to grow the profile. Some people make funny videos, whereas some make creative videos to convey a particular message. At the same time, all users have different interests and prefer different videos to watch over the platform. Therefore, keeping all these factors in mind, we offer you multiple packages to buy Likee views, so you may choose any that suits you the most.

Our several years of experience and dedication towards our work is something that makes us unique from others. We always make sure to deliver you results that meet your expectations.


We ensure you with:

Instant Delivery

We offer you a very simple process to place an order with us to buy Likee views. However, with each order, our team gives you an estimated delivery time that varies from order to order, depending upon your requirements. We make sure to deliver your order within the given estimated time without any delay.

24/7 Support

We understand how frustrating it could be to deal with a company that has insufficient support. Therefore, Fansoria always ensures to make our support team active all the time 24/7. So, in case of any query or concern regarding the order processing, you may connect with us to get assisted within no time. Our team is also knowledgeable enough to answer all your queries on the spot without putting you on hold.

Potential audience

With our effective marketing strategy, we bring you the potential audience who does not only watch your videos but also share them with their circle and other social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and many others. The audiences we deliver is real and interested in watching your content, ultimately benefiting your profile in the long run.

Many more offers in our shop

In our shop you will not only find the new Likee Views. We also offer you the desired added value for Likes and followers and let you make the right decisions. This way, you no longer have to ask yourself at which levels the push should take place. With us you are always on the safe side and can win more users for you within a short time.

In addition to our many Likee offerings, we also support you with our packages for YouTube and Instagram. With these you can easily convince more users and increase the reach of your channels. At this point we are always your partner for the increase and expansion of your social media activities.

Buy Country Targeted and European Likee Views and Reward yourself for your videos

Behind every one of your videos is a great effort. For this reason, let us reward you for your work and secure your additional views. By buying new Likee Views, you can quickly convince many more users of the quality of your content, and you can rely on a convenient procedure. In addition, you will also find the right offers for more followers or likes, so that your channel will quickly become better known.

So, you have the power to expand the added value of your content. In this respect, we are happy to increase your relevance and provide you with the necessary recognition for your videos. We will be happy to provide you with competent support at this point around our diverse offers. So, just make up your own mind and make sure that you do not have to run after the success you deserve in the future.

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