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Spread the love and make your TikTok videos go viral with our Shares strategy. Increase your reach, captivate your audience, and make your videos unforgettable. With our proven approach, your TikTok videos will attract more shares, giving your profile the boost it needs to stand out in the TikTok world.

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Is TikTok Video Shares that important?

The number of TikTok Video shares is one of the most important metrics that not only affects the algorithms but also brings more views to your channel. 

Will TikTok know if I buy TikTok Video Shares?

Yes and No. Yes, if you buy TikTok Video shares from middle companies that use old strategies. 

And No if you use mother companies like Fansora that use innovative and modern technologies. 

Can people see how many times my videos are shared?

Yes. And this is a good point. Because it proves that your content is valuable to other people. 

How many TikTok Video Shares can I buy from you?

There’s no limit to your orders. So you can buy as many TikTok Video Shares as you want. 

When will you deliver my order?

Our team will start your delivery instantly, without any waste of time. So you won’t have to wait at all. 

How long will your delivery take?

It totally depends on the size of your order. Our expert team analyzes your profile and based on the previous performance of your videos,  arranges the delivery time. 

Is it a good idea to buy TikTok Video Shares?

You don’t have to have a good first impression on people, you need to have some social proof. And  the number of your TikTok Video Shares is a good social proof. 

How much do I need to buy TikToK Video Shares?

It depends on the size of your order. You can buy a small package for just a few dollars, or you can buy huge packages for a couple of hundred dollars. 

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Why Should I Buy TikTok Video Shares?

Do you know why most people buy TikTok Video Shares? When you share a new video on TikTok, your followers are the first people who will see that video. Now, let’s say you have 100 followers. And 90 of them had watched your video! So, the total number of your Views is 90, right? But what if one of your followers shares your video with his/her followers? And let’s say he/she also has 100 followers. If only 50 of his/her followers watch that video, the total number of your Views increase by almost 50%!

Now, what if 10 people share your video? Your views skyrocket, right? That’s the power of Sharing videos.

So, if you want to increase your TikTok views exponentially, you need to Buy TikTok Video Shares.

Why TikTok?

TikTok is a unique video-sharing platform and is one of the leading social media platforms in the world. It is growing and getting more popular every single day. This popular platform is an opportunity for people who want to show their skills and go viral. But going viral on TikTok requires more TikTok Shares, Views, Followers, Comments, and Likes. Getting more of these elements organically is very difficult. Therefore, people tend to Buy TikTok Shares, Views, Comments, Likes, or followers.

Want To Grow Fast? TikTok Is Your Elevator!

There are millions of people out there that want to become famous, fast! They can use YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, or other platforms. But working with these platforms is really hard! So most people prefer TikTok. Because they find TikTok easier to go viral and become famous. It is true, though, you need to know that you are not alone!

There are millions of other people out there dreaming about the same thing! In other words, everybody thinks that getting viral on TikTok is easier than on other platforms! Which means you have millions of competitors that are following the same purpose. And this alone makes the process more difficult and challenging. That’s why most of these users choose a strategic approach. Instead of waiting for months and years to get viral, they Buy TikTok  Video Shares on a continuous basis to beat the competitors and increase their relevance exponentially.


Here comes a big challenge. Think about this: you are trying so hard to create better content in order to get more organic shares, comments, views, followers, and likes. But on the other hand, your competitors with similar content simply buy TikTok Shares, Comments, views, likes, or followers and easily beat you! Therefore, they become more popular in a very faster and easier way! So, if you really want to stay in this marketplace, you need to buy TikTok comments as well.

How Important Are TikTok Video Shares?

Just like other social media platforms like Instagram, FaceBook, etc. TikTok is following one important goal: “creating a fun and entertaining environment for its users so that they spend more time on the application.” In other words, TikTok wants to keep its users engaged and entertained for as long as possible. To do that, it finds the best and most engaging videos out of millions of other videos and promotes these videos and shows them to its users so that they keep watching and using the platform.

And here comes a very important question: people upload millions of new videos every single day! How TikTok knows which video is engaging? How TikTok finds a video that users love and enjoy watching? The answer to this question is not simple. Because TikTok uses very advanced algorithms to find and identify popular videos.

But we know that there are some very important metrics that affect the Algorithms. One of these important metrics is the number of TikTok Video Shares.

What Happens When A TikTok Video Gets Shared several times?

When someone shares your video, two important things happen:

  • New users see that your video has been shared several times. This increases your worth. Because when we see a lot of people doing the same thing, we perceive that thing as Valid and more valuable. So when a lot of people share your videos, users give more value to your videos. And we feel safer sharing that video as well.
  • But more important than the social effect, is the exponential growth that video sharing brings with itself.

So, if your TikTok videos get shared several times, your video views skyrocket. And therefore, TikTok thinks that your video is so popular and ENGAGING! Which is true by the way. Because people usually share videos that are engaging for them, right? And as a result, TikTok algorithm will put your video on top of other videos and your video will get more and more engagement, until the algorithm qualifies your video to be on the explore page. And guess what? The Explore page is the source of new and genuine users. And with new users come new Shares, Comments, Likes, Views, and Followers.

So, the number of TikTok Video Shares is one of the most important metrics that determine your success in TikTok Marketing. That’s why most people decide to take the fastest route and buy TikTok Video Shares.

So, if you want to be successful, you too need to do the same thing. You need to buy TikTok Video Shares, TikTok Comments, TikTok Likes, TikTok Views, or TikTok Followers from Fansoria.

Let’s Travel Back To 2010!

Let’s close our eyes and go back to the dark ages of 2010. Do you remember? There were not so many social media platforms. There were only Facebook and Twitter back then and we were so happy with them. We were so excited to access and use the new world of social media. Being able to follow everyone who we liked! Connecting and talking with new people! Remember? We used to comment on every post that we saw! We were hitting the Like button for every crap on our home page, right? But, let’s be honest. Are we still the same? Do we enjoy the same excitement as then? Unfortunately not!

The growth of social media made us so cruel and selective. We don’t like everybody and don’t comment on every video anymore! We don’t care about all the craps that are out there. We’ve become modern users who want something new and unique every single day! We like and follow the people whose posts are engaging and related to us. Otherwise, we ignore that person and his/her posts, regardless of the value of that post!

As you can see, the old habits are gone and we have changed a lot! That’s why it’s impossible to be normal and ordinary and get more attention from other users. You must be unique and do something different. So, if you really want to increase the number of your TikTok Video Shares, Comments, Likes, views, and fans, you need to follow two important steps: first, work on your content. Second, buy TikTok Comments from a professional and trustworthy partner.

How To Increase TikTok Video Shares?

Most people upload a video and then leave it there. They think the video might promote itself! they have no strategy. And in fact, they don’t know the fact that they can and they need to work on increasing their reach.

Generally, you can increase the number of TikTok Video Shares in 3 ways:

1) Ask your viewers and friends to share your video!

This is the least effective way. Because if your video is not that good, then nobody would want to share it, right? So, you need to move on to the second step.

2) Try to Create Better Videos.

Based on research done by Chadwick Martin Bailey and iModerate Research Technologies, they found that people mostly share news and content about:

  • Family members or Friends (81%)
  • Family Pictures or Videos (80%)
  • Funny Videos (63%)
  • Coupons/Discount (54%)
  • News Articles and blog posts (53%).

Now, although this research is general, the results are valid for TikTok users as well. So, take a moment and think about this: which one of the above content types is proper for your TikTok profile? Which content type could help you create a better and more engaging video?

After finding the answer, you need to create a video about that topic that is:

  • Unique: You need to talk about unique things. The things that your users want to know and watch, but not so many people are talking about.
  • Entertaining: Your video should be fun and entertaining. In other words, give users the videos that they enjoy watching. This way, they would be willing to share your video with their followers and friends as well.
  • Engaging: You need to engage your followers in your videos. Ask questions, challenge users to do something, or use call-to-action and invite your viewers to take an action.

Now, to increase your TikTok Video Shares, Comments, Likes, and Views, you have to be creative and shoot unique content that is entertaining, fun, and engaging to your viewers.

3) Buy TikTok Video Shares from a Professional Partner.

You can try hard and create unique, entertaining, and engaging videos. Although these are important and necessary, they are not enough. Because TikTok Success does not depend solely on your content. There are more important things: Your competitors. And your viewers (the people whom you create content for).

To be successful, you should use Social Proof to convince your viewers that your content is better and more engaging than that of your competitors and are worth sharing. But how to use social proof?

How To Increase and Use Social Proof On TikTok?

Social proof is a phenomenon where people follow and copy the actions of others in order to display accepted or correct behavior. In other words, if we see a lot of people doing something, we tend to follow them and do the same thing!

Now when a user sees your profile or your videos for the first time, his/her mind starts making a judgment. How? By looking at the number of Shares, Likes, Comments, and Views of your videos! And, if these numbers were high, then the user will perceive your content as valuable and worthwhile! But if the numbers were low, then the user will ignore you and search for a better video!

In other words, social proof on TikTok is the first impression that your video or your profile has on the users. So, if you want to have a better first impression on your fans, you need to increase the number of your TikTok Video Shares, as well as your Comments, Likes, and views.

And if you want to take the easiest and fastest route and buy TikTok Video Shares. Fansoria is here to help and support you with its unique and innovative approach to give you real and reliable TikTok Video Shares, Comments, Likes, and Views.

If you combine all these 3 factors (asking your friends to help you + unique content + Partnership with a professional TikTok Marketing Agency) together will create success on TikTok. So, just focus on your content and then buy TikTok Video Shares, and our professional team of experts will take care of the rest.

I’m Not Sure About Buying TikTok Video Shares.

Let me tell you an example. Imagine that there are 5 people who want to move from Paris to London.

  • The first person buys a plane ticket directly from Paris to London. It will take about an hour for him to get to Texas.
  • The second person decides to go by train. It will take about 3 hours for her to get to London. Of course, she will get tired!
  • The third person makes a challenging decision. He decides to walk to London! This would take a week!
  • The fourth person decides to swim. It will take several weeks, of course, if the person could survive!
  • You are the fifth person! Which route would you prefer to take?

Now, let’s go back to TikTok, which is exactly like that. There are some people who take the easiest and fastest route. And because of that, they succeed. And there are people who try so hard, but they don’t get their desired results. Not because their content is not good. But because their strategy is not effective.

Now, most of your competitors are already buying TikTok Video Shares, Comments, Likes, Views, followers, etc. So, you can’t win this race if you take the hard route. You have to use the same tools, and get help from a professional partner! You need to buy TikTok Video Shares, Comments, Likes, or views. Here at Fansoria, you can find your desired package for a reasonable price.

Will TikTok Suspend My Account If I Buy TikTok Video Shares?

Yes and No! It depends on the TikTok Marketing Strategy that your partner use. There are hundreds of companies out there, claiming to be the best TikTok Marketing agency in the world. But unfortunately, they use old strategies to increase Video Shares, Comments, Likes, and views! And if you use these old and outdated strategies, TikTok will find out and suspend your account. Because these old strategies cause an unnatural flow of Video Shares, comments, views, likes, or follows.

But if you use modern and innovative technologies, it will be just fine. Here at Fansoria, our TikTok experts, are so careful and will make the security of your profile their first priority. They analyze all the new updates that TikTok publishes. Then, create the best systems and strategies that are aligned with TikTok algorithms. So when you use these innovative and proven strategies, you can position your videos on the top and enjoy the increasing number of Video shares and Comments without any problem or risk.

Start Small & Let’s Get Things Done!

Now you know the importance of working with a professional and trustworthy partner. So, let’s start small and take one step toward your goals. Don’t hesitate. You have all the information that you would need to get started. So just go on and put your first order (Start small). It’s easy, fast, and cheap. And the only thing that you will regret after buying TikTok Comments, is that you didn’t work with Fansoria earlier!

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