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Start the conversation and engage your audience with our TikTok Live Comments strategy. Increase your engagement, captivate your viewers, and make your lives unforgettable with more comments. With our proven approach, your TikTok Live streams will leave a lasting impression on your audience.

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Is TikTok Comments really important?

One of the important metrics that TikTok Algorithms use to find and promote popular videos, is the number of comments that a video gets. So, yes TikTok comments are important and effective. 

Do negative comments prevent my videos from going viral?

As the old saying goes, There is no such thing as bad publicity! So, no matter what they say in their comments! The quantity of comments is more important than the content of comments for the algorithm that TikTok uses!

Can I delete a comment on my video?

Yes. You can manage and delete any comments from your video. But, remember that the number of comments on your video is more effective than the content of the comments. So, we highly recommend you keep all the comments. 

Will someone know if I delete their comments?
The short answer is NO.

You can delete any comment from your TikTok videos, and the author won’t be notified. But users usually come back to admire their handiwork or check out other users’ reactions to their comments. I think it won’t feel good to see that you have deleted their comments. 

Can I limit the comments on my videos?

Yes. You can go to the settings and privacy and choose who can comment on your videos. You can choose between Everyone (for public accounts), Followers (for private accounts), or Friends to choose exactly who can leave a comment. And also, you can select No One to turn off comments altogether.

Is it a good idea to buy TikTok Live Comments?
Yes you can buy TikTok Live Comments.

Of course. If you want to get viral fast, you can and in fact, you need to buy TikTok comments so that your videos become more popular and get more attention. 

Is it safe to buy TikTok Comments?

Yes and No! It totally depends on the company that you buy TikTok comments from. There are a lot of companies out there that use old systems and old strategies. Working with these companies is risky. But working with known and experienced companies, Fansoria for example is secure and effective. 

Can I comment on my own videos on TikTok?

Yes, you can add comments to your own videos. Generally, you do this when you want to answer other users’ comments. Your comments don’t affect the algorithm directly, though, you can get users’ attention and convince them to spend more time on the video.

Can people see the number of comments on my video?

Yes, the number of comments is public and visible to all users. 

Is there a limit for the number of TikTok Comments I can buy?

No. There’s no limit. You can buy as many TikTok comments as you want. 

When will you deliver my ordered TikTok Comments?

Our delivery is instant. Though, depending on the size of your order, our experts will deliver your order in a way that seems natural to Algorithms. For example, all of your videos received 10 comments so far. If you receive 1000 comments in a day, the algorithm will be skeptical. 

Reliable Solutions

We are thinking long-term. So, regardless of the size of your order, we will provide you with the solutions that are real and reliable, ensuring you will get the results that you wish!

Reasonable Price

You can find the best solution for your requirement, for a reasonable price. But price is not the most important aspect. For us, quality and reliability are more important than price.

Realtime Support

Fansoria is not just a shopping page! Fansoria is your co-partner. So, if you need any help or have any questions, contact us. Our experts would be more than happy to help.

Why Should I Buy TikTok Live Comments?

TikTok is one of the leading social media platforms in the world. It is growing and getting more popular every day. This popular platform is an opportunity for people who want to show their skills and go viral. But going viral on TikTok requires more TikTok Views, Followers, Live Comments, and Likes. Getting more of these elements organically is very difficult. Therefore, people tend to Buy TikTok Live Comments, Likes, views, or followers.

If You Want To Go Viral, TikTok Is Your Best Option!

Most people find TikTok easier to go viral and become famous. It is true, though, you need to know that you are not alone! There are millions of people with the same thoughts in mind! In other words, everybody thinks that getting viral on TikTok is easier than other platforms! Which means you have millions of competitors that are following the same purpose. And this alone makes the process more difficult and challenging. That’s why most of these users are buying TikTok Live Comments, likes, views, and followers on a continuous basis to beat the competition.

Now think about this: you are trying so hard to create better content in order to get more organic comments, views, followers, and likes. But on the other hand, your competitors with similar content easily beat you! Because they usually buy TikTok Live Comments, views, likes, or followers! Therefore they become more popular than you faster and easier! So, if you really want to stay in this marketplace, you need to buy TikTok Live comments as well.

How Important Are TikTok Live Comments?

Consider this, TikTok is following one important goal. Do you know what that goal is? It’s “creating a fun and entertaining environment for its users so that they spend more time on the application.” In other words, TikTok wants to keep its users engaged and entertained for as long as possible. To do that, it has to find the best and most engaging videos and show them to its users so that they keep watching and using the platform.

But the important question is this: How TikTok finds the most engaging videos among millions of new videos that users upload every single day? The answer to this question is not simple. Because TikTok uses very advanced algorithms to identify popular videos. And as you might have guessed, the number of TikTok Live Comments on every video is a very important and effective part of this algorithm.

What Happens When A Video Gets More Comments?

So, when a video gets more comments than other videos, TikTok marks that video as ENGAGING! And that’s true! People usually comment on videos that are engaging for them, right? And as a result, TikTok algorithm will put your video on top of other videos and your video will get more and more engagement, until the algorithm qualifies your video to be on the explore page. And guess what? The Explore page is the source of real and genuine traffic and comments.

So, the number of TikTok Live Comments is one of the most important metrics that determine your success in TikTok Marketing. TikTok Views, TikTok Likes, and TikTok followers or fans are also very important parts of the algorithm. That’s why most people decide to take the fast route and buy TikTok Comments. And you need to do the same thing. You need to buy TikTok Comments, TikTok Likes, TikTok Views, or TikTok Followers from Fansoria.

Modern Users VS Old Users!

Let me take you back to the dark ages of 2010. When Facebook and Twitter were the only social media platforms on earth. Do you remember that old age? We were so excited to access and use the new world of social media. And we were so happy to follow everybody who we thought was nice! We used to comment on every post that we saw! We were hitting the Like button for every crap on our home page, right? But, let’s be honest. Are we still the same? Do we enjoy the same excitement as then? Unfortunately not!

Nowadays, users are so cruel and selective. These modern users don’t like everybody and don’t comment on every video! They don’t care about all the craps that are out there. Modern users want something new and unique! They like and follow the people whose posts are engaging and related to them. Otherwise, they ignore that person and his/her posts! So, as you can see, the old habits are gone and users have changed a lot!

Today, it’s impossible to be normal and ordinary and get more attention from users. You need to do something different. You must be unique. So, if you really want to increase the number of your TikTok Live Comments, Likes, views, and fans, you need to follow two important steps: first, work on your content. Second, buy TikTok Live Comments from a professional and trustworthy partner.

How to get more TikTok Live Comments?

You have two ways to increase the number of Comments that you get on every one of your videos.

1) Work on your content.

To get more engagement and more comments, you need to differentiate yourself from others. You should engage your followers. How? The answer to this question is two important things:

  • Uniqueness: You need to talk about unique things. The things that your users want to know, but not so many people are talking about.
  • Engagement: You need to engage your followers in your videos. Ask questions, challenge users to do something, or use call-to-action and invite your viewers to take an action.

So, if you want to naturally increase your TikTok Live Comments, Likes, and Views, you have to be creative and shoot unique content. And at the same time, you need to engage your viewers by asking questions or challenging them to do something.

2) Buy TikTok Live Comments from a Professional Partner.

Although being unique is important and necessary, it’s not enough. Because it’s not about content alone. There are more important things: the people whom you create content for. And your competitors.

To be successful, you should convince the users that your content is better and more engaging than that of your competitors. How? Using Social Proof!

What Is Social Proof On TikTok?

When a user sees your profile or your videos for the first time, his/her mind starts making a judgment. How? By looking at the number of Likes, Comments, and Views of your videos! And, if these numbers were high, then the user will perceive your content as valuable and worthwhile! But if the numbers were low, then the user will ignore you and search for a better video!

These numbers are your social proof on TikTok. So, if you want to have better social proof and in fact better first impression on your fans, you need to increase the number of your TikTok Live Comments, Likes, and views. And if you want to take the easiest and fastest route and buy TikTok Live Comments, Fansoria is here to help and support you with its unique and innovative approach to give you real and reliable TikTok Live Comments, Likes, and Views.

These two factors (unique content + Partnership with a professional TikTok Marketing Agency) together will create your success. So, just focus on your content and then buy TikTok Live Comments, and our professional team of experts will take care of the rest.

Is It A Good Idea To Buy TikTok Live Comments?

Let me tell you an example. Imagine that there are 5 people who want to move from Hamburg-Germany to Istanbul-Turkiye.

  • The first person buys a plane ticket directly from Hamburg to Istanbul. It will take less than 3 hours for him to get to Istanbul.
  • The second person decides to go by train. It will take about 40 hours for her to get to Istanbul. Of course, she will get so tired!
  • The third person decides to travel by bus! It will take 2 days for him to get to Istanbul! And he will be exhausted!
  • The fourth person makes a challenging decision. He decides to run to Istanbul! This would take months if the person doesn’t die!
  • You are the fifth person! Which route would you prefer to take?
TikTok is a Race!

TikTok is exactly like that. There are some people who take the easiest and fastest route. And because of that, they succeed. And there are people who try so hard, but they don’t get their desired results. Not because their content is not good. But because their strategy is not effective.

Now, most of your competitors are already buying TikTok Live Comments, Likes, Views, followers, etc. So, you can’t win this race if you take the hard route. You have to use the same tools, and get help from a professional partner! You need to buy TikTok Live Comments, Likes, or views.

Here at Fansoria, you can find your desired package for a reasonable price.

What Are The Risks of Buying TikTok Live Comments?

There are hundreds of companies out there, claiming to be the best TikTok Marketing agency in the world. But unfortunately, they use old strategies to increase Comments, Likes, and views! And TikTok will find this out and suspend your account if you use these old strategies. Because of an unnatural flow of comments, views, likes, or follows.

But our TikTok experts here at Fansoria, are so careful and will make the security of your profile their first priority. They analyze all the new updates that TikTok publishes. Then, create the best systems and strategies that are aligned with TikTok algorithms. So when you use these innovative and proven strategies, you can position your videos on the top and enjoy the increasing number of Comments without any problem or risk.

Can Other People Find Out I Buy TikTok Live Comments?

As we said before, our experts will keep your ordered TikTok Live Comments flowing naturally and genuinely. This way, no one would find out that you have bought TikTok Live Comments. Even TikTok itself won’t find out.

So, go ahead and choose the packages that you wish. And be sure that Fansoria and its TikTok Marketing experts will bring you any number of TikTok Live Comments that you wish, in a safe, secure, and fast way and for a reasonable price.

Why Should I Trust Fansoria?

This is maybe the most important issue that our clients have when they find us for the first time. We totally understand you. You can buy TikTok Live Comments from Fansoria or from any other company for the first time. But if you don’t trust us, you will forget all about us, right? So, let us tell you a little about Fansoria.

Who is Fansoria?

We have been in this business since 2013! We’ve had good and bad experiences. We’ve succeeded and failed a lot! But there is one belief that gives us all the energy that we have: We Are Here To Survive and Thrive! We don’t want to focus on a few dollars at a time! We are thinking long-term.

If we deceive you and spam you, we will get only and only a few boxes! But if we give you high-quality products, services, and support you will come back to us with more orders and more referrals, right? So, we are not that fool to lose you just for a small amount! We are investing in you and our relationships.

And that’s why we recommend you start small and move on step by step. This will give you peace of mind that you take the minimum risk. And at the same time, this will be the best proof of the quality of our products and services. Right?

So, go ahead and take the first step. Your time, your presence, and your trust are the most valuable things that we get.

Why Should I Buy TikTok Live Comments from Fansoria?

There are hundreds of companies out there where you can buy TikTok Live Comments from! But here is what separates us from the crowd:

  •  Innovative systems: if you take a look at our system and compare it with their systems, you will clearly see that 99 percent of them are using similar systems. But our system is different and unique! Because we are the innovator of our systems. We do not copy or buy our systems from other companies. We innovate these systems and build them from the ground up.
  • Our system is fully controlled by our experts! Most companies that sell TikTok Live Comments are in fact middle companies! They buy from big companies like Fansoria, and then sell the packages for profit! But we are the owner of our systems. So, we will support you and have your back until you get your desired results.
  • Updated strategies: Most companies out there are using old systems! These old systems will cause you a lot of problems. And most probably will make your profile suspended because of the long strategy! But our system and our strategies are updated every week. Our experts analyze and improve our system when required.
  • Real-time Support from Experts: Most middle companies don’t have a real expert behind their systems. They just sell! And when you face a problem, they won’t support you. You cannot even contact them! But at Fansoria, there is always an expert waiting for your request. So no matter what, our experts will support you all along the way.

How Can I Buy TikTok Live Comments From Fansoria?

Buying TikTok Live Comments from Fansoria is like a piece of cake! Easy, safe, and super fast. To increase the number of Comments on your TikTok profile, all you need to do is follow these steps:

1) Pick the region:

As we said before, Fansoria gives you the ability to choose the region or country that you want to get users and comments from. You can choose only one country, or you can use International users to get Comments and likes from all over the world.

2) Pick the Size:

You can buy from 10 to 1K real and genuine TikTok Live Comments. If this is your first time working with Fansoria, we recommend you start small and move on step by step. We want to build trust and become your long-term partner. So, we’re not in a hurry. But, anyway, it’s totally up to you. So choose the option that best suits your requirements. No matter the size, our experts will support you from A to Z.

  • Enter the username of your TikTok page. And then hit enter or press the continue button.
  • Now, choose the post that you want to get Comments on. Regardless of the size of your order, you can split the package. Meaning, you can choose several posts to get your ordered Comments split between them.
  • Then, press the continue button. And fill out the required fields.

3) Choose the payment method. And make the payment.

  • Enjoy the results of your order.
  • IMPORTANT: Please note that although the delivery is immediate, there is a natural flow of Comments into your account. We will keep that flow natural for the security of your own profile. So don’t expect to get 1K Comments in a day! This will backfire and will suspend your profile! So, please trust our experts and let them give you the best possible delivery naturally.

Should I Give You My TikTok Password?

Let me ask you something. Let’s say that you posted a video on TikTok. Do other users need your password to view or like or comment on your video? Not for sure!

The same thing is valid for us! We will give you Comments, Likes, and views just like other users! So we don’t need your password. And please keep this in mind if someone out there asks for your password to give you TikTok Live Comments, Likes, or Views, they are liars! So never trust them. Never share your password with anyone else!

How Is Your Delivery if I Buy TikTok Live Comments? 

Our delivery is immediate, though, as we said before, our TikTok experts try their best to keep everything natural. And this is for your own good. So, let our professional experts determine the time of the delivery.

How Can I Get a Refund If I’m Not Satisfied With The Results?

If you have found out that after buying one of our packages, the number of TikTok Live Comments is dropping, don’t worry. All of our services are guaranteed! So if your Comments drop, we will refill the service again, which is completely free of charge. So, if you have already experienced this issue, please send us your request via our Ticketing system. And our support team will contact you ASAP.
But if you are not satisfied at all and you’ve not received any Comments after buying TikTok Live Comments, you have the right to get a full refund, you can submit your request within 30 days of your purchase.
Please note that you should include your order ID within your request. So that our customer service team will be able to track your order and issue you a refund.
After submitting your refund request, it will take between 3 to 10 working days for the refund to reach your account.

Let’s Get Things Done!

With all this information, why not take the first step? Don’t hesitate, just go on and put your first order (Start small). It’s easy, fast, and cheap. And the only thing that you will regret after buying TikTok Live  Comments, is that you didn’t work with us earlier!

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