Every business needs to have a social media presence these days.

Why Every Business Should Build a Social Media Presence?

The Importance of Having a Social Media Presence

Every business needs to have a social media presence these days.

With one-third of the world’s population using social networking platforms on a regular basis, having a social media presence for businesses is essential. With more individuals joining social media platforms on a daily basis, it is on pace to become the largest and most convenient source of all types of communication in the near future. To put things into perspective, the percentage of American adults using social media increased from 7% in 2005 to 69% in only ten years.

What does it all mean? Every day, hundreds of individuals are browsing through their feeds, seeking for new information and engaging with their favourite companies. It implies that if you want to attract and, more crucially, keep customers, you must have a social media presence.

“90% of all marketers currently acknowledge that social media marketing has greatly boosted the exposure of their business.”

A social media presence not only helps you create more sales, but it also allows you to communicate with and better understand your clients. Some firms will question if it is truly important to engage in social media. The quick answer is yes, it very surely is.

Continue reading if you need more convincing reasons to explain the value of social media presence and why your business should continually try to develop its social media presence.


Every business needs to have a social media presence these days.

Here are some of the reasons why any business, large or small, should have a social media presence:

  1. A Social Media Presence Increases Brand Awareness

Social media is continuously altering the way we interact and engage with people, and especially with companies. According to Pew Research Center, 72% of adult internet users use Facebook, 28% use Instagram, 25% use LinkedIn, and 31% use Pinterest. You cannot afford to disregard these figures.

Having a social media presence allows you to reach all of these people. It can assist you in connecting with new audiences, increasing your chances of being noticed by potential clients. When compared to any physical marketing strategy, a single post may significantly increase company exposure.

Here are a few ideas for increasing your social media presence and brand awareness:

  1. Select the Best Platform

Before you start promoting or interacting online, you must first choose the best platform for spreading your products/services. To do this, you must first define your target market. After you’ve defined your target market, the following step is to determine where it’s most active. For example, if your target demographic is young people and your product is handcrafted soaps, Instagram or Facebook may be the greatest options.

  1. Produce useful content

You may now start connecting with your target audience by providing great content now that you’ve discovered a way to connect with them. Your content should be brief, interesting, and innovative. It is critical to stand out and establish your own niche online, and your content will aid in the development of your brand identity. Don’t be hesitant to attempt new things in order to show off your greatest qualities. Having said that, make certain that the quality of your material is constant. This will enhance both your engagement and retention rates with your audience. Create photos and videos to help you increase social shares and hence raise brand recognition.

  1. Make contact with your target audience.

The nicest aspect about social media is that it allows you to communicate with your target audience (with analytics, you can focus in on the ideal demographic for your product or service) and directly appeal to them. It also allows you to hear them. Respond to your audience’s comments, repost them, acknowledge them, and ask them questions in this place to truly connect and interact with them.

  1. Keep track of your progress.

To increase your social media presence, you must monitor the performance of your content. Businesses may use tracking tools on all social media sites. Aside from those, you may utilise third-party tools such as Google Analytics and Unbox Social to determine where you should focus your efforts. These systems assist you in improving your content and directing your efforts to the most effective online areas.

When you actively work to develop your social media presence, you raise brand recognition and boost overall business growth.

  1. Inbound traffic is increased via social media promotion.

Every business needs to have a social media presence these days.

When you change your blog or website, it may take some time for Google to recognise it. This implies that very few people will be aware that you have published fresh content, and the only true audience you will have for your blog or website will be individuals who are actively searching for it.

People who are already interested in your brand may quickly access your material by promoting it on social media networks. By posting your material at key times of the day, you will receive many more shares on your links and reach a much larger audience, which will increase the traffic to your website.

By establishing a social media presence for your company, you may reach a larger, untapped audience and diversify your consumer base. This is critical for building authority for your brand in the niche.

Increasing your traffic is also crucial if you wish to rank on the top search pages. Remember that search engines consider the amount of traffic your pages receive before declaring them relevant.

The aim is to generate good content and distribute it on significant social media networks at precise times in order to attract the most high-quality visitors.

  1. You Learn More About Your Audience

The most crucial part of every business is its consumers and audience. Knowing them allows you to better plan your promotions or items.

Create a social media presence for your company to better communicate with your consumers and target audience. You can then start answering questions like:

What items do they use/purchase?

What sort of information do they enjoy reading?

Or, What types of posts do they enjoy sharing?

What websites do they go to?

Who are their favourite influencers?

You will develop an insight of who they are as a result of your encounters with them. Understanding your audience better will allow you to interact with them more readily and build long-lasting relationships that will eventually help your business thrive. You may then develop the type of content that will resonate the most with them and generate the most traffic. This will ultimately increase conversion rates and product strategy.

  1. An active social media presence aids in the development of valuable customer relationships.

After getting to know your audience, the following stage is to connect with them.

Why is it significant? Because your audience isn’t interested in simply reading about your products or services and hearing your marketing pitches. They want to talk to you.

At least once a month, 30% of millennials interact with a brand on a social media site. So you can see how crucial it is to engage with your audience in order to connect with them, rather than simply utilising social media to market your products.

Social media has made it quite simple for you to communicate with your audience one on one. Take advantage of this chance to:

  • Pose questions to your audience.
  • Respond to comments on your blog entries.
  • Use relevant material to entertain your viewers.
  • Make connections with your audience based on common interests.
  • Repost or retweet your audience whenever possible.
  • Participate in trending topics.
  • Establish relationships with industry leaders and influencers.

By doing these things, you will not only be advertising your business, but also establishing a feeling of community around it. And people like being a part of communities.

These interactions will raise brand awareness, resulting in new leads. Your followers will become committed consumers and, in time, brand evangelists.

  1. A well-managed social media presence may help improve customer service.

Every business needs to have a social media presence these days.

It is tough to get new customers, but it is quite simple to keep old ones. This is why outstanding customer service is essential for any organisation to thrive.

While social media allows you to engage with your consumers more easily, it also allows your customers to reach you directly without having to make laborious customer-service phone calls. As a result, prompt customer service is no longer optional; it is required. Your consumers want you to resolve issues and address their concerns as soon as possible.

Not responding quickly on social media networks may lose you a consumer. According to studies, customers reward brands that respond fast to client requests and complaints on social media. After having a favourable encounter with a company on social media, most of consumers are inclined to suggest it to others.

Now that you understand the significance of social media presence in customer service, consider the following factors while striving for customer satisfaction:

  • Tracking brand mentions allows you to monitor talks about your brand.
  • Hold frequent question-and-answer sessions to clear up any confusion regarding products and services.
  • Maintain a solid social media presence management staff that is ready to respond to complaints and inquiries right away.
  • Give each consumer personal attention and offer personalised solutions.
  • In order to boost your brand image, actively solicit input from your consumers.
  1. Your brand’s social media presence can help it stay relevant.

In today’s fast-paced digital world, you never know what trend may go viral and become the next big thing. And when it does, there’s no telling how long it’ll be in the spotlight.

Having a social media presence means providing your content the chance to get featured in the news or having an influencer tweet about your company. Having an understanding of popular subjects is what permits your work to become viral.

Keep an eye out for hot topics in which you may participate. Memes or pop-culture phenomena that are ideally aligned with your business may be deliberately leveraged to attract a larger audience.

You may join the bandwagon and tell stories when everyone else is doing so. This will increase traffic, news attention, and visibility.

Because trends fade rapidly, it is critical to participate in them while they are still happening. That implies you must be active and always tracking new trends and current events to which you may respond.

  1. You Can’t Ignore Your Competitors’ Social Media Presence

If you haven’t already noticed, your rival has a social media presence, most likely across many channels. 83% of marketers explore social media marketing activities actively. This implies that your rivals are always leveraging the potential of social media marketing. What exactly are you doing?

The wonderful thing about social media is that it provides free information. With a little study, you can track practically anything, from how your postings perform to how your competitors establish their social media presence.

You may learn a lot by examining how well-known firms handle their social media presence. Monitor their social media marketing activity, keep an eye on how well their campaigns are going. If they are successful, it indicates that they are doing something correctly, and you should take some notes.

Here are some questions you should ask yourself:

  • How frequently do they post?
  • What type of material do they publish?
  • How do their fans react to their posts?
  • Can you get ideas from your competitors?
  • How many people are talking about your rival on social media?
  • On social media, who is comparing your brand to your competitor?

Once you’ve answered these questions, you can start working on improving your own social media presence and marketing methods. You can even prevent mistakes made by your competition. For example, if your competition isn’t posting frequently or connecting with their audience enough, you might take the time to establish a superior social media strategy.

  1. Having a presence on social media for business entails utilising targeted advertising.

When it comes to the value of social media presence, one element cannot be overlooked: social media advertising. Having a significant social media following is insufficient. Your ultimate aim is to increase sales, which requires a smart approach to advertising your products or services on social media.

The issue is, social media platforms allow you to develop highly targeted advertising that you can tailor to the demands of your audience. For example, Facebook Ads allow you to target your clients based on their age, gender, education level, geography, and even user behaviour. As a result, Facebook Ads are used by the vast majority of digital marketers, 84% to be exact.

Here are some additional compelling reasons to invest in social media advertising:

  1. Reduced advertising expenses

Investing in social media advertising is not only convenient, but also significantly less expensive. When compared to the resources needed to carry out a more traditional media, print, or outdoor advertising campaign, the costs of a social media campaign are far lower.

You are also given the opportunity to expand at your own speed before deciding to turn a post into a sponsored advertisement. Consider Instagram’s sponsored posts, which allow you to transform previously shared posts into promoted advertising.

  1. Real-time performance evaluation

It is considerably easier to analyse your results when you run a social media ad. This provides you with all of the information you need to determine whether or not your campaign is producing the desired outcomes. Most social media sites and third-party tools let you track and analyse your campaign in real time.

It is critical to see how well your ad is functioning in order to optimise your marketing.

  1. Audience segmentation

Traditional advertising does not allow you to target your clients as effectively as social media advertising. It’s more like taking a shot in the dark and praying it hits your intended audience.

Social media marketing, on the other hand, provide assurance that your money is going to the correct location and reaching the appropriate people, resulting in higher conversion rates.


“To summarise, having a social media presence for every business in today’s day and age is an essential requirement.”

It provides you with much-needed exposure and significantly increases brand recognition. We have assisted you in outlining the first few critical stages in developing a social media presence.

You must locate your target audience on the chosen social media platform, develop useful material that your target audience is likely to engage in, interact with your audience, and ultimately, track your efforts to determine whether or not they are effective.

Social networking may also assist you enhance inbound traffic by directing people to your website or blog. When you share a link on social media, you get traffic not only from your followers, but also from those you may not have reached otherwise. Increasing traffic is also important for the SEO of your blog or website.

You may learn a lot more about your audience by analysing their demographics and behaviour on social media. This will allow you to create better campaigns in the future. Having an active social media presence also allows you to build long-lasting, meaningful relationships with your audience.

Having a decent social media presence management is essential when it comes to client service. Improving customer service by listening to your consumers on social media and reacting to their concerns and inquiries helps you boost your brand image.

You may maintain tabs on your competition and their current advertising techniques by using social media.

Finally, social media advertising may turn valuable leads into purchases since it is less expensive and more efficient than traditional advertising when it comes to targeting customers and analysing results.