Refund Policy

Looking for a way to grow your Facebook profile to reach out to more customers? We’re the best Facebook Marketing agency to help you achieve high ROIs with friendly budgets.

Trusted by more than 550.000 users and over 9.000.000 orders. Fansoria got ★★★★★ 4.9 rating by our clients.

Fansoria is dedicated to the success of its valued clients. We work tirelessly to carry out manual growth campaigns and ensure the highest levels of growth possible.

Although we spend the same amount of time on all campaigns in the each plan category, the growth can vary greatly depending on our client’s niche, content quality, content quantity and the targeting we have been given. For example, we might get slightly better results from a photographer’s account than an accountancy company’s account. The photographer is likely to be posting a lot of high quality images and therefor is going to grow a bit faster.

Due to the amount of work we put in to all of our campaigns, we provide refunds on a case-by-case basis. However, we reserve the right to refuse refunds. Credits can be given once Customer Success team has received your approval for a credit. Before credits are offered, you will have the ability to continue receiving followers or likes instead of stopping delivery. If you opt to receive a credit, the credit will be issued to your email. The value will be the original order that you are claiming for. Think of this credit as holding an electronic voucher to spend when you’re ready. Credit is valid for 1 year from the moment it is issued, on any of our products. This credit is issued with a redeem code that can be used in our « discount code » box. You can use your credit for yourself or someone else.

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