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Does it help to buy additional views for Instagram reels?

Of course, it does. It helps your profile grow organically by getting your content the exposure and visibility that it deserves to get recognized.

Are views important on Instagram Reels?

Do you know what Dead content means? Dead content is the post and video that you upload. Then a few people see them and like them. And then you get no notification about them! They are dead! Instagram doesn’t care about the dead! It wants ALIVE and Energetic content. The content that can attract people to it and get more and more views every single day! So, yes the number of views that your Instagram Reels get is very important. 

How can I increase Instagram Reels views?

These simple tips will help you get more views for your Instagram Reels!

  1. Put Your Niche Twist on Trends.
  2. Think of Your Hashtags as SEO for Your Reels.
  3. Buy Instagram Reel Views from Fansoria.
Do reels increase followers?

Think about this. You see an interesting video on Instagram Reels. Then you wonder if the person has more interesting content. So you go and visit his/her profile. if you like him/her, you follow! So, yes, if you have enough good content Instagram Reels would help you increase your followers as well. 

How do reels get viral?

If you want your reels to get viral, you first need to buy some additional Reels views and shares from a good company like Fansoria. This will increase your reach. And if your content is really interesting, the new people would share your reel with their followers. And as a result, you would get viral step by step. Again, keep in mind that you need both: good content + additional Reels Views from a trusted company like Fansoria. 

Why my reels are not getting views?

There might be a few main reasons.

  1. You don’t have enough followers
  2. Your video is not interesting enough to attract views.
  3. You don’t get help from a trustworthy partner. 

Pay attention to these main things and most probably you will get more reels views. 

Should I post reels everyday?

As a rule of thumb, share a Reel when you have something worthwhile and scroll-stopping for your audience.

Considering Reels are becoming a massive part of many brands’ content strategies, posting 3-5 Reels per week is good enough to get viral.

How are reels views counted?

A “view” on Reels is counted if a user watches your Instagram Reels for more than 3 seconds. 

Does buying reels Views from Fansoria truly help?

Self-praise is not valid at all. So instead of talking about how good we are, we encourage you to start and order a tiny package. Then you will see the result and you will see whether or not we are trustworthy.

Which is the best time to post reels on Instagram?

It totally depends on your target audience. Unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t provide you with enough analytics to find this out. So you need to try it and see what time is best for you to share your reels. 

Who viewed my reels?

Similar to IGTV, you’ll be able to see who has liked and commented on your video as well as how many times your video has been viewed.

But you cannot see who has viewed your Instagram Reel.

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Why Do I Need To Buy Instagram Reels Views?

To give a better answer to this question, we first need to answer these questions: “what are Instagram Reels? And how important are Instagram Reels? And, why do so many people buy Instagram Reels Views?”

What Are Instagram Reels?

As you know, there are a handful of Social Media platforms out there, competing with each other to get more users. In 2016, when Instagram was leading the social media world, a brand new platform was born in China. Nobody knew about it until late 2018. But the platform and its strategies are so captivating that when a user uses it for the first time, he gets addicted and chained to the platform! The main strategy is this, “Only short videos up to 60 seconds are allowed on the platform!”

This strategy made TikTok grow so fast that Instagram couldn’t see it coming until it was too late and most of Instagram’s ordinary users, were TikTok addicts. But Instagram didn’t stop and decided to copy TikTok’s winning strategy. So, in mid-2020 Instagram announced the new feature, “Instagram Reels” to its users. Users can record several clips, then stitch them together, add filters, and add music from the app’s music library to create up to 60 seconds of engaging videos.

What Is The Main Difference Between Instagram Reels And TikTok?

While Instagram Reels and TikTok are almost identical, here are a few differences between them.

1) Video Length

TikTok first began supporting only videos that are 15 seconds long. Then, it extended the length limit to 60 seconds. Later in July 2021, the platform decided to increase the limit to 3 minutes. And finally, in February 2022 TikTok announced that the platform accepts videos up to 10 minutes long.

Instagram, on the other hand, started accepting 15 seconds first and then raised the length limit to 60 seconds.

So the first difference between Instagram and TikTok is the video length:

  • Instagram: 15 seconds up to 60 seconds.
  • TikTok: 15 seconds up to 10 minutes.
2) Voice Effects, Video Filters, and Face Filters

Both platforms offer a selection of tools and filters to spice up your videos. The only thing that I want to emphasize here, is that the collection of effects and filters that TikTok offers is so wider than that of Instagram. In other words, you can find better video filters, voice effects, and face filters on TikTok than on Instagram.

3) Text-to-Speech and Closed Captions

Both applications are trying their best to make their features and capabilities accessible and easy for people with disabilities. In this regard, TikTok started supporting text-to-speech for easy narration, with a variety of voice effects that you can choose from. You can also use closed or auto-generated captions to help your viewers follow along with the dialogue. Instagram followed TikTok and after launching Reels, it announced text-to-speech feature together with a few voice filters in 2021.

4) TikTok’s Duet VS Instagram Reels’ Remix

TikTok users can upload a video alongside another user’s video using the new Duet feature. Instagram copied the same feature and added a very similar feature to Instagram Reels with only one main difference, the name! Instagram called it Remix feature.

5) TikTok’s Music Library VS Instagram Reels’ Audio Library

One of the reasons TikTok is so popular is because of a huge collection of amassing music and self-made Sounds. Users can publish their videos and then add the sounds of their videos to the music library so that other people can use them.

Audio Library on Instagram Reels is quite similar, but it has a smaller collection of featured music and sounds.

6) TikTok’s Stitch VS Instagram Is Loading…

Again, Stitch is another unique feature announced by TikTok. This unique feature allows users to clip their videos to a part of another user’s video. This is useful when users want to share their reactions and opinions or when they want to have a commentary on a video. The Stitch feature makes it easier for the viewers to access the original video. Believe it or not, Instagram is a slow follower and it has yet to launch a function that can compete with TikTok’s video-stitching option.

Are Instagram Reels Views Really Important?

You now know why TikTok beat Instagram so easily! Because users love short videos much more than mere posts or photos. As the old saying goes: “A picture is worth a thousand words”, and I want to change that old saying a bit, “a video is worth a thousand pictures”. So you need to utilize this new feature, no matter what you do, if you want to attract more followers and have a better impact on your followers, you need to create videos.

But videos are not just for your followers! Videos are important for the platform as well. Because Instagram, like Facebook, TikTok, and all other social media platforms, wants to keep its users engaged and entertained for as long as possible. And to do that, it has to find the best and most interesting profiles and videos and show them to its users so that they keep watching and using the platform.

How Important Are Instagram Reels Views For Algorithms?

Instagram uses very advanced algorithms to determine whether your Reel video is popular, engaging, and worth spreading or not. A very important and effective part of this algorithm is Instagram Views. So, if a large number of users watch your reels (more Instagram Reels Views), the algorithm will show your video in the search results. Because it believes that your video is valuable and engaging and can keep the users on the platform.

As a result of that, your video will get more and more new views, until the algorithm qualifies your video to be on the explore page. And as you might know, the Explore page is the source of real and genuine traffic and Instagram Reels Views, Likes, Comments, and even followers. As you can see, Instagram Reels Views are one of the most important metrics that determine the level of your success on Instagram.

So, if you really want to grow your business and be successful on Instagram, you need to create video content or Reels, and at the same time work on and increase your Instagram Reels Views.

But, I bet you know a lot of people who spend days and weeks creating a really high-quality video, only to get less than a couple of hundred Instagram Reels views! On the other hand, I bet you’ve seen a lot of popular Reels with millions of views and likes that have lower quality! So, why this happens? What makes some average Reels get so many views, while other high-quality Reels get a couple of hundred views only?

Success Comes From Smart Steps

When I was a child, I used to try so hard to create unique things. I always dreamed about being an inventor and becoming rich. I started a lot of projects, and failed! After each failure, my father used to tell me, “son, instead of finding a better product for your old market, try to find a better market for your old products”! I didn’t know what my dad meant then! But now I know exactly what he was trying to tell me.

Sometimes success does not come from having the best and smartest products, but it comes from having the best and smartest strategies. In other words, if you want to be successful on Instagram, you don’t have to create the best videos and posts. You just need to create a good video and use the best strategy to deliver your video to as many people as you can.

Believe it or not, this is the main difference between successful and unsuccessful Instagram channels.

Better Content VS Better Strategies?

To better understand the difference between successful and unsuccessful Instagram Influencers, let me give you an example. Imagine that there are 5 people who want to move from Paris to Istanbul.

  • The first person buys a plane ticket directly from Paris to Istanbul. It will take less than 4 hours for him to get to Istanbul.
  • The second person decides to go by train. It will take about 50 hours for her to get to Istanbul. Of course, she will get tired!
  • The third person makes a challenging decision. He decides to walk to Istanbul! This would take months!
  • The fourth person decides to swim from France to Istanbul. Most probably he will die in the wild waters!
  • You are the fifth person! Which route would you prefer to take?

Now, let’s go back to Instagram. You are in Paris now. Your goal is to get to Istanbul. There are some people who take the easiest and fastest route. And because of that, they succeed. On the other hand, there are people who try so hard, but they don’t get their desired results. In other words, most of your competitors are successful because they are already buying Instagram Reels Views, Comments, Likes, Views, followers, etc. And some of your competitors fail not because their content is not good. But because their strategy is not effective. So, it would take a long time for them to reach their goal!

Good Content + Good Strategies Bring Success

You can’t become successful without good content and just by buying additional Instagram Reels Views. It’s literally impossible! Because becoming an Instagram Influencer is like being a bird. Your Content is one of your wings. The more high-quality content you upload, the stronger that wing becomes. But no matter how strong, you cannot fly with only one wing. So you need to work on the second wing as well.

And the second wing is the statistics of your content. Meaning, the number of people who view your Reels, like them, and comment on them. You can strengthen this wing simply by the additional Instagram packages that you buy for your profile. For example, when you upload a good reel and then buy Instagram Reels Views and likes for it, you give your profile both wings. And as result, your Instagram profile will fly, sooner or late

So, if you want to fly, you have to use the same tools that successful Instagram influencers are using to fly. In other words, you need to get help from professional Instagram experts and buy Instagram Reels Views, Reels Comments, or Reels Likes. Here at Fansoria, you can find your desired package for a reasonable price.

How Safe Is It To Buy Additional Views For My Instagram Reels?

This question is one of the most important questions that you need to answer before buying any Instagram Reels Views. To answer this important question, you need to pay attention to the following things:

  • The Instagram Agency that you are working with.
  • The strategies that they use to fulfill your orders.

If you search for phrases like “buy additional Instagram Reels Views” you will see that there are hundreds of companies out there, claiming to be the best Instagram Marketing agency in the world. Now, if all of them are the best, then they all lie, and if they are not the best, again they all lie! So, you should not believe what they say. And instead, you should take a look at the quality of their services and the long-term result of working with them.

Be ware of Middle Companies

Unfortunately, most of these companies are middle companies. Meaning, they don’t own any system or product to deliver your order! And instead, they buy services from bigger companies like Fansoria and then sell those services to you at a profit.

There are some companies, on the other hand, that are not middle companies. But they use old strategies to increase your Instagram Reels Views, Comments, and Likes! And if you work with them, they will deliver your order using these old and outdated strategies. At first, you will see results coming. But then suddenly you will see the results disappear or you will find out that your account is suspended! And you will wonder what happened.

Do you know why it happens? The answer is simple. Instagram, which is now owned and managed by Meta, is one of the smartest companies in the world. So it will easily find out that the increase in your Instagram Reels Views was not normal. So, it will become skeptical and finally will suspend your account.

Work With Real Instagram Experts

Fansoria has a team of Instagram experts. They are so careful and will make the security of your profile their first priority. Therefore, they analyze all the new updates that Instagram publishes. Then, create the best systems and strategies that are aligned with Instagram algorithms.

When you order a package from Fansoria, our experts analyze your profile and then use our innovative and proven strategies to deliver your orders. So you can position your reels on top of your other reels, and enjoy the increasing number of Instagram Reals views without any problem or risk.

Why Not Give It A Try?!

Now, you have all the important information that you need. So, why not start now and take one small step toward your goals? Don’t hesitate, just go on and put your first order (Start small). It’s easy, fast, and cheap. And the only thing that you will regret after buying Instagram Reels Views, is that you didn’t work with Fansoria earlier!

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