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What happens when you like a reel on Instagram?

Instagram tries to show you the most relevant content. And it finds something relevant to you if you Like it or comment on it or view it several times. So, when you like something, Instagram thinks that you like that topic. As a result, it will show you more similar content. 

What is the advantage of Reels on Instagram?

Instagram Reels is one of the latest features it has published. This new feature allows you to share short video clips (up to 90 seconds long). It also has some other capabilities like Remix, sounds library, video filters, and face filters. 

Are the likes genuinely real?

Yes, all of your new Instagram Reels Likes will come from Real and Reliable users. That’s why we give you a drop guarantee. 

What is the guarantee that our likes won’t disappear from my profile?

Generally, our likes are forever because they are real. But, sometimes, due to real people unliking, there might be a (small) attrition rate over a period of time. This happens rarely. But in this case, we have a drop guarantee and we refill your order as promised. 

Why my Reels are not getting views?

It depends on several things:

  • You are not posting trending content.
  • Your content is not high-quality.
  • You don’t have enough followers.
  • You can’t get enough initial impressions to go viral. 

These are the main reasons why you can’t get viral. You can work on them and improve them. And at the same time, you can talk with one of our experts and get help from a real Instagram expert. 

Do we use bots?
Absolutely not!

When you buy views, followers or likes with Fansoria, you get engagement from real and active users and accounts.

Is buying Instagram reels likes a scam?

No. Buying these services is not a scam. Buying these promotional services are a useful way to make yourself visible.

How quickly will I see a difference?

The effect is immediate. So you will see the results coming right after your order is confirmed. 

Do you get paid for Reel Likes on Instagram?

Instagram pays out Play Bonuses based on the views you get on your Reels.

Do Instagram Reels show likes or views?

Instagram Reels display the total number of likes and comments. 

Are Reels better than posts?

Reels might be better for entertaining and funny videos rather than diving deep into a topic.

How do reels get viral?

To get viral on Instagram, you first need to create unique and engaging content. You can follow the trends and create related Reels. And you can buy additional Instagram Reels Likes or Views to get viral faster. 


We are committed to delivering your order fully and securely. This means that with every purchase you can increase the effectiveness and success of your projects and benefit from greater reach.

Safe and Secure

After completing your order, our Experts here at Fansoria will analyze your profile and deliver your package using the best and safest strategies. This way, you will get your desired results without any problems or risks.

Fast Delivery

Our deliveries begin immediately after payment. So, you do not have to wait long for your new Likes, but you can rely on a competent implementation right from the start.

Why Should I Buy Extra Instagram Reels Likes?

Instagram Reels is one of the latest features announced by Instagram. If you are trying to grow your business on Instagram, you need to know that Instagram Reels are as important as Instagram Posts. That’s why there are so many people who want to buy additional Instagram Reels Likes or Views and grow their Instagram reach.

Instagram Reels VS Instagram Videos

Instagram Reel is a new feature that Instagram added to the platform just to keep its users from moving to TikTok. Because as you know, Instagram copied the Reels feature from TikTok. But the interesting thing is that there are no big differences between Instagram Reels and Instagram videos.

They are almost identical, and the main differences are that when you create a Reel, you have access to the music library, editing tools, and more filters that are not available in normal video uploads. You can also use the audio from other creators in Reels, and also you can create a Remix on Reels, which you can’t do on regular Instagram videos. Remix is also another feature that Instagram created by looking at TikTok’s Duet function! This new feature lets you make your own Reel right next to a Reel from another creator.

Where Did Instagram Reels Come From?

To better understand the importance of Instagram Reels we need to know why Instagram added this feature in the first place. In 2016, Instagram was leading the social media world. It was the best and most popular. Nobody would believe that another platform might someday beat Instagram and get more users than Instagram. But then the magic happened and a brand new platform with a new strategy beat Instagram in less than 4 years! This platform was TikTok.

The strategies that TikTok uses are so captivating that when a user uses it for the first time, he/she gets addicted to the platform and cannot stop himself/herself from watching more videos. When Instagram saw this, it decided to add the same feature and keep its users from migrating to TikTok.

Why Instagram Reels Are So Important?

So Instagram Reels are important because users love them and are attracted to them more than regular posts and videos. And you as an Instagram creator, need to utilize this feature to get more users into your channel and in fact your funnel. But there is something more important that you need to keep in mind for now. There are rumors that Instagram wants to stop supporting regular videos. And users have to work with Reels all the time. So you have no choice but to use Instagram Reels to boost your reach.

The Most Important Metrics That Determine Your Success In Instagram Reels

All Social Media platforms have a common goal in mind. They all want to keep their users engaged and entertained for as long as possible. For example, Instagram wants to keep its users using the platform without thinking about anything else! Because the more time users spend on the platform, the more these platforms earn!

To achieve this goal, Instagram (and all other social media platforms) has to find the best and most interesting Reels and show them to its users so that they keep watching and using the platform. And Instagram uses very advanced algorithms to determine whether your Reels are popular, engaging, and worth spreading or not.

Based on our analysis, the most obvious metrics determining your success in Instagram Reels are as below:

  1. Number of Your Instagram Reels Views
  2. Number of Your Instagram Reels Watch Time
  3. Number of Your Instagram Reels Likes
  4. Number of Your Instagram Reels Comments
  5. Number of Your Instagram Reels Shares

The higher these numbers the more valuable your video is for Instagram Algorithms. So, when these numbers are high, the algorithm will show your Instagram Reels to more random people and more and more new people will watch your Reel. And as a result, your numbers will keep going up. This means, the more Instagram Reels Likes, Views, and comments your Reel gets, the more new Instagram Reels Likes, Views, and Comments it will get!

So, you need to increase the number of Instagram Reels Likes, Views, and Comments. But, how?

The Starting Point Is The Same For All, But…

Let’s imagine that you are my Instagram Expert and I have a problem that I need your help with.

My competitor and I uploaded almost identical Instagram Reels 1 month ago, exactly at the same time. So the content and timing are the same. But now, my competitor’s Reel has reached 100K views while mine has only 100 views. So, what do you think is the problem with my Instagram Reel? Please go ahead and think about it for a minute or so.

You know, the starting point for all Instagram Reels is the same:

  • They all have access to the same features
  • They all are available for all related users
  • They all start with ZERO Views and Likes in the first place!
  • But one gets 100K impressions, while the other gets 100 impressions.

…The Endpoint Is Not!

So the starting point is the same for all, but the Endpoint is not! Because there are other aspects that determine your success or failure. For example, the five important metrics that we talked about before (Number of Your Instagram Reels Likes, Views, Watch Time, Comments, and Shares).

How To Start With Zero Likes and Get Millions of New Instagram Reels Likes?

Let’s go back to my problem. I and my competitor started the same, but he easily beat me! Why? Because he knew the formula to start with Zero Instagram Reels Likes and Views and get millions of them! How?

He never started with Zero Instagram Reels Likes or Views! We both uploaded the Reel at the same time. Then I sat down and waited for a miracle to happen in order to receive more Instagram Reels Likes and Views! But my friend,d on the other hand, didn’t wait for a miracle! Instead, he bought additional Instagram Reels Likes, Reels Views, and comments in the first place. Which empowered his Reel to move faster and easier than mine.

Never Start With Zero Instagram Reels Likes Or Views Again!

In recap, the algorithm promotes only and only popular content. And we know that the content with ZERO likes and views is not popular at all! And as a result, the algorithm will ignore it! So, if you want to be a successful Instagram Reels Creator, you should never start with ZERO Instagram Reels Likes or views. In other words, you need to empower your Reels by buying additional Instagram Reels Likes, views, comments, or shares packages. These packages would help you the most if you order them earlier right after publishing your Reel.

Be Smart!

I agree that you can work on your content and create unique and engaging Reels and gain more traffic to your account organically. But you should know that this is a very time-consuming process and at the same time, it’s not the smartest way. Let me give you an example.

Let’s imagine that you attend racewalking. You are so excited and happy and can’t wait to get started. Because you have practiced for months and you are aiming to win this race. But, when the race starts you see something weird! Instead of walking, some of your competitors start running! Some get on bicycles, and some use cars! And the interesting thing is that there are a few people who use Jets! You are shocked!

So you stop walking and start protesting, “Hey, this is not fair! This is racewalking! You can’t run or use vehicles, you have to walk!” But nobody seems to care! Now, who do you think will win this race? Will you win? I doubt it!

Who Said Social Media Is Fair?

Social media platforms, Instagram included, are exactly like unfair racewalking. And the participants (Instagram Creators) are not walking at all. They are running and using vehicles to win! Meaning, they don’t try to do everything by themselves, instead, they get help from professional Instagram experts and buy Instagram Reels Likes, Views, and comments on a continuous basis. And that’s totally fine!

The only problem with this race is that you can’t win the race by yourself AT ALL! Because most of your competitors choose the smart way instead of the hard way! They buy Instagram Reels Likes, Views, Shares, comments and etc.

Which one would you choose, the Smart Way or the Hard Way? If you want to win this race, you need to stop protesting and start using the same tools and vehicles. You must work with a professional and reliable partner and buy additional Instagram Reels Likes and Views. Here at Fansoria, you can find your desired package and get any number of Instagram Reels Likes you want for a reasonable price.

Top Reasons To Buy Instagram Reels likes

1) This Boosts Your Credibility

When we see another person for the first time, we tend to form a mental image of that person based on the things that we see and based on our previous experiences. Psychologists call this phenomenon the First Impression.

Now, there are some tricks that you can use to make a good first impression on other people. For example, you can work on your style, your self-confidence, and your tonality. But, these are all for real-world encounters. What about social media? How can you make a good first impression on Social Media?

Crowded Restaurant VS Empty Restaurant?

Before answering this question, let me give you an example. Imagine that you are hungry and you want to eat something at a good restaurant. Then you see two restaurants right in front of you. The first Restaurant, let’s call it Full-Taurant, is filled with people who are in line to put their orders and then find someplace to eat. But the second one, let’s call it Zero-Taurant, is empty and has NO customers. You have to choose one of these two restaurants to have your launch. Which one would you choose?

I asked a group of my friends this question and all of them said the same things: “most probably I’d choose Full-Taurant because I think it is a better restaurant.” And when I asked them how do you know if they are good, they answered, “because it is crowded! You can’t get all these customers if you are not hight-quality”. You see, no matter what, crowded places are more attractive and make a better first impression on new clients!

Now, your social media channel and your videos are your restaurants! And to make a better first impression on new viewers, you need to show that your restaurant is crowded! How? It’s very simple. You need to buy Instagram Reels Likes, Views, Shares, and Comments! This way new users will think that your Reels are of high quality. And as a result, more users will be attracted to your Instagram Reels and your profile.

2) You Gain More Followers

You can attract new users to watch your Instagram Reel simply by increasing the number of your Instagram Reels Likes and views. And if your content is as good as your credibility, then most of those new users will decide to visit your profile and follow you. In other words, by increasing your viewers, you will be able to gain more followers as well.

3) You Will Earn More.

Most companies hire Instagram influencers with a massive amount of Instagram Reels Likes and Views to promote their brands or services! When you buy Instagram Reels Likes and Views, you show that you are a good option for these companies. So, you will get more promotional offers once you are known for reaching a reasonable audience, and businesses will be coming to you for promotion. This implies that you are likely to be hired when you have a high number of Instagram Reels Likes.

Start Small And Buy Your First Instagram Reels Likes

Now, you have all the important information that you needed to know. So, why not start now and take one small step toward your goals? Don’t hesitate, just go on and put your first order (Start small). It’s easy, fast, and cheap. And the only thing that you will regret after buying Instagram Reels Views, is that you didn’t work with Fansoria earlier!

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